The Treaties of London is a series of treaties signed by the victorious Central Alliance and associated nations with the defeated Entente Powers of the Great War. Many of these treaties are considered harsh and most would lead to dictators in the defeated nations or those that didn't accomplish what they believed they deserve, and seeking to reclaim the lost glory, namely Jacques Doriet in France, Italo Balbo in Italy, and General Jinzaburō Masaki in Japan.

The Treaties

There were seven treaties in all, comprising six of Entente Powers: France, Romania, Serbia, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. Russia and Hungary were not among the nations that had treaties signed in London in August 1922, as Hungary had already surrendered and became part of the Danube Confederation in 1920 during the war, and none of the Central Powers could decide which side of the Russian Civil War was going to win, and therefore would be able to sign a peace treaty. It wouldn't be until 1925, and the Treaty of Vienna that the Central Powers would sign an official treaty of peace with the Union of Russian Socialist Republics, though Japan had already done so a year earlier.

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