The Treaties of Dresden (German: Verträge Dresden, Swedish: Fördragen från Dresden, Russian: Dogovory Drezdena, Polish: Traktaty Dresden), were a series of treaties occurring between October 10 and November 5 of 1726 between the major fighting members of the Great Northern War, among them Sweden, Poland, Saxony and Great Britain (in the winning side) and Russia and Denmark on the other. It marked the end of the Great Northern War, as well as the end of any Danish power and the severe weakening of Russia to Sweden and Poland's benefit.


  • Treaty of Dresden outsides Germany

    Lighter colors mean territorial changes. Note that Germany's changes are not shown.

    Norway, Faroe, Iceland and all claims on Greenland would be ceded to Sweden. Denmark would rennounce to any claims over the regions.
  • Russia would cede the Kola Peninsula, Karelia and most of what was once the Novgorod Republic.
  • Poland would win parts of southwestern Russia, and a large part of the Ottoman vassal of Moldavia.
  • A new Tatar state would be created. It would occupy the Crimea, the Azow coast, and up through a small part of the Don River.

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