Bundesland Siebenbürgen (German)
Stat Federal din Transilvania (Romanian)
Republic of Transylvania
State of Greater Austria (1919-1952)
Flag of Hungary (1867-1918).svg
1919–1952 Flag of Hungary.svg
Flag of Transylvania before 1918.svg Coat of arms of Transylvania.png
Flag Coat of arms
NGW Transylvania.png
Transylvania in Greater Austria, in 1930.
Capital Cluj
Official language German, Hungarian Romanian
Religion Catholicism, Protestant
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Grand Princes
 - 1919-1929 Ferdinand II (First)
 - 1929-1933 Karl I
 - 1933-1952 Otto I(Last)
 - Established 1919
 - Disestablished 1952
Currency Krone (Kr)