Republiek van Transvaal
Republic of Transvaal
Flag of Transvaal
  Official Afrikaans
  Other Dutch, English, Ndebele
State Religion: Vulpine paganism, Dutch Reformed Church
Other Religion(s): none
Capital: Johannesburg
President Marike van Zyl
Chief of state: Marike van Zyl
Area: 336,730 km²
Population 9,000,000 inhabitants
Currency: Pond

The Republic of Transvaal (Afrikaans:Republiek van Transvaal) is a country located in Southern Africa. It is bordered to the north by Matabeleland, to the south by the Orange Free State, to the west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique and Swaziland. Approximately 88% of the country's population is vulpine.

It was established in 1854 as a Boer Republic created in the territories of the Klein-Vrystaat and the Republic of Vryheid.

Although the Transvaal developed into a economically successful republic, it experienced chronic conflict with the British (Boer Wars) until achieving victory in the Second Boer War, and the subsequent treaty of Vereeniging. Previously, Transvaal was annexed by the Cape Colony and regained its independence in the First Boer War. The republic's name derives from the Vaal River, since the country is located at the north of the Vaal River. The official language in the Transvaal is Afrikaans.

The Orange Free State is a presidentialist republic, currently presided by Marike van Zyl, elected in 2008. It is one of the founding members of the African Union, and has the eight-largest economy of all the members. It is also a founding member of the United Nations and NEPAD. Transvaal is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Group of 77, South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, Southern African Customs Union, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, G20, and G8+5.

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