The Transportation of Luna is mainly composed of electric only. There used to be petroleum until they banned it in some time in the 1970s due to causing problems with the climate on Luna (pollution and global warming).


There are at least three train companies, and they all link to the colonies and such. They are as follows: Ventura, Jump gate, and Neptune. Under ground tunnels are used for trains traveling from one place to another and its separated by water (and it's far away) and for places that are close by but separated by a river or stream, then bridges are used.


The boats are popular to get around from island to island. Though it was never meant for long distances, as it has to be charged every four hours. However, boats/ships are mainly used to transport goods, as there are large bridges as well to go from one place to another. As all land is connected in some way, travel by boat is rare, with the exception of transporting certain goods.


They have electric-powered motors to drive them. However, they also work like a normal bicycle as well, so in case the electricity runs out, they can still be ridden. Bicycles are usually ridden on bike lanes on the road surface (where the vehicles travel on), and on bicycle paths.


There is no large aeroplanes on Luna. Instead, small jets are used. Also, the run-ways are small and are not that large, and the same with the airport. If large aeroplanes were to be used it would cause some problems during flight and plus it requires higher altitude. There are also small planes for people to rent if they so choose to fly themselves.


There are only three car manufactures on Luna: Yukast, Zequeli and Reyulet, that was made by Lunans. They are all build very safe and made best of quality, the best they can.

Zequeli E1 (Luna Earth II)

The Zequeli E1, seen parked on the road next to the Merkili Rain forest. It is fully electric and needs to be recharged every 10 hours.

Speed signs

The maximum speed that is allowed is usually around 140 kph (in some areas/colonies its 150 kph) at most on motorway/highway, and at minimum 29 kph in small town areas.

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