Created in 1867 after the CSA lost a war.

Transmissippi (Grey area)

Statistics and Stability

Population: 791,305 (436,631 [55%] enslaved, 354,674 free whites.)

Military percentage: 1% (3457 men)

Allies: CSA

Trade Partners: None


  • Urbanization: 0 (None)
  • Resources: +75 (Some)
  • Technology: + 250 (Decent)
  • Territory: 2x5= +10
  • Allies: 1x5= +5
  • Trade Partners: 0x5= 0
  • Infrastructure: +25 (Poor)
  • Total= 365


Transmississppi was created as a result of war between the CSA, Louisana and Texas in 1867. Later Transmississippi's territory was increased to control all of OTL Mississippi and Western Tennesse. Transmississppi is currently Pro-Slave and has a alliance with the CSA.

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