In 1919, Adolf Hitler became an intelligence agent for the Reichswehr, the German Military of the Weimar Republic. During his time, he was ordered to infiltrate, and gather intelligence on the German Workers' Party (DAP), and over the next few months, he became attracted to the views of Anton Drexler, the party's leader who held similar Anti-Semitic, and Anti-Capitalist views to his own. His time with the DAP and Drexler would later influence, and strengthen Hitler's own political beliefs, before becoming the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party).

In this timeline, instead of being sent to infiltrate the DAP, Hitler is sent to infiltrate the German Social Justice Party (DSGP) where he gets a sex change, changes her name to Adolfa, and becomes becomes a social justice activist and leader of the National Transsexual German Social Justice Party (NTDSGP or Nati Party).

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