Федерация Закавказье
Federation of Transcaucasia

Timeline: No Napoleon
Preceded by 1945-1956 Succeeded by
Flag of the Soviet Union
Tricolour Flag of Iran (1886)
Flag of Turkey
Flag of Armenia
Flag of Georgia
Tricolour Flag of Iran (1886)
Flag of Transcaucasia (No Napoleon)
Flag of Transcaucasia
(and largest city)
Other cities Yerevan, Baku
Language Russian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian
Demonym Baltican
Government Republic
Established 1945
Independence from Soviet Union, Turkey, Iran
Currency Transcaucasian ruble

The Federation of Transcaucasia, commonly known as Transcaucasia or simply Caucasia, was a federation of several independent republics that existed from 1945 to 1956. It was formed following the Second World War from areas conquered by Turkey and Iran, along with break-away states from the Soviet Union.

The federation, while independent, was mainly administered by Turkey, Iran and the League of Nations, and did not give the majority of the power to the republics. After wars concerning conflicts of interests of religion, politics and ethnicities, the federation dissolved into several independent nations.





Atlas of Transcaucasia (No Napoleon)

Atlas of Transcaucasia