The Trans-Adriatic Trade Agreement (TATA for short) is an organization created in 1540 by the Kingdom of Croatia in order to ease trade between Adriatic nations.


  • Croatia (Founder)
  • Austria
  • Lombardy
  • Empire of Hispania
    • Kingdom of Italy
    • Genoa
    • Savoy
    • Spain


  • Trade is to be conducted between all member nations.
  • Each member nation will allow other member nations to use its ports.
  • Member nations will pay one thousand ducats as a "fee" which shall be stored in a treasury located in Zadar which shall be used to finance the Agreement.
  • Members will be added on request, and permitted by a vote of current members, in which case a simple majority wins.
  • The Treasury shall be watched over by approved officials coming from each member nation.
  • A nation may take money from the treasury if it is approved by the other members.
  • Member nations are allowed to veto a decision if proof is given that said decision will harm one or more member nations.
  • In case of the abusing of powers, the founder has the right of amortization.
  • On applicants:
    • Applicants must have land on the Adriatic coast.
    • Applicants mustn't be hostile towards existing members.


We propose that in order to protect trade in our nations, if one of our members is attacked we will come to their aid, to ensure the success and longevity of this trade agreement. Mscoree (talk) 21:59, July 11, 2014 (UTC)

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