Toyotomi Fidefiro (1674-1728) was the 6th Quampaku of the Toyotomi Dynasty. He also served as sexxô.

He served his first term as Quampaku, for the Emperors Reigen and Higaxiyama, from 1702-1710, before becoming sexxô for Kômon until 1716 when he became Quampaku for the same until his death.

In 1704, during his service as Quampaku for Emperor Reigen, he approved the establishment of the New Israel colony (which would later serve as a model for Aruta's establishment of the Deseret province).

Because he had no male offspring, he was succeeded as Quampaku by his cousin, Toyotomi Fidefi.

Preceded by:
Toyotomi Fideaki
Quampaku of Japan
Succeeded by:
Toyotomi Fidefi
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

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