Toyotama Jaakkola
とよたま じゃあっこぁ

Toyotama in the Meeting Hall, 1937

Shogun of Finland
1911 – 1948

Predecessor Irene Yäkumö
Successor Eleonoora Anaberal
Born 1893
Hääkodääte, Finland
Political Party Liberal Democratic Party of Finland
Religion Finnish Paganism
Profession Samurai

Toyotama Jaakkola was the Shogun of Finland from 1911 to 1948. She was a very skilled Swords fighter.


She was born in Hääkodääte, Finland in 1893 during the winter. She grew up in the city all fine and well, and had finished school at age 16. She then ran into politics in 1910, and was elected Shogun of Finland in 1911.

As Shogun

In 1912, Toyotama Jaakkola went to visit the Shogunate of Kōshi for a talk with Shogun Helmiina Konpaku, about economic stuff and trade. Then, in 1913, Empress Sasakia had fallen down the stairs and went into a coma, in which Toyotama Jaakkola had to assume control of all of Finland until the Empress recovered, and told Denmark that she wished to stay neutral in conflicts but promised she wouldn't fight Denmark if Russia had declared war against them.

In 1914, the economy went bad so she decided to create more jobs for the people and, secretly, begins to raise work payment a bit higher for women (meaning women get paid more in their jobs then men). Also she had stayed neutral in the Danish-Berlin War, to respect the Empress' wishes. She then continued to improve the economy the best she can, and had more Shinto Shrines built in the nation. In 1916 Toyotama Jaakkola and Empress Sasakia had both discussed about joining the European Council, and they agreed to it. In 1923, she experienced the death of Empress Sasakia which was also her close friend, and had pay her respects and condolences. At the same time, the Democratic Republic of Käwäshiro had declared independence from Finland, in which Toyotama Jaakkola had recognised the nation but was concerned about its government.

Then in 1924, she had a scientific research base built in the Antarctic Peninsula. Later in 1926, she send military support to help China against the rebellions, but was a bit angered when China decided to end the pointless war.

In 1928, Empress Sonja Komeiji had increased security and soon also has the Danish-Finnish border closed down temporary and the Finnish Imperial Navy heavily patrols the Gulf of Komachi, the Baltic Sea, and the Nordic Sea; which had shocked and scared Toyotama Jaakkola and she begun to calm her down of the issues, which was somewhat successful. Later Nippon apologised and told them that they were just peaceful separatists and not the kind to riot; and also promised if there was any they would help put it out. However, Toyotama Jaakkola had understanded completely and accepts Nippon's apology but mentioned to them that there was a reason on why the Autonomous Prefecture of Suwēden exists in the first place; to have the Swedes rule in their own way, continue their own laws, and live their life peacefully and happily etc., all while being under protection by Finland.

In 1929, she also was seen watching some animation at the Kääsödani Elokuva film theatre and had enjoyed it.

In 1930, Empress Sonja Komeiji was angered at the International Union/LoN ideas, especially their limited official languages and other stuff so she had proceeded to ban all other languages that are not official (Finnish, Nipponese, Nirandogo (にらんど語)), or recognised as a minority language (Swedish, Karelian, Estonian, Russian, Nordspeak, Sami languages), from ever being spoken in Finland. This made Toyotama Jaakkola facepalm at the Empress actions but she said nothing in that regard, and let it go. However, this was the beginning of the stressful times for Toyotama Jaakkola, as Sonja Komeiji was becoming more fearful and scared over time, as well as angered. In 1931, Toyotama Jaakkola had lifted the language ban with Empress Sonja Komeiji's permission.

Also in 1931, she had also planned a huge motorway system being built in Finland, and liikennevalot (Traffic Lights) and had begun construction in 1932.

Later in 1935, Empress Sonja Komeiji became angered, upset, and jealous and soon had a meeting with Toyotama Jaakkola, in which the Empress told her to quick slacking off and get with the times. But Toyotama Jaakkola had told the Empress that the nation is doing the best it can keeping up with technology and all. Both continued to argue, and by the end of the day Toyotama Jaakkola ran home to cry her heart out. The next day she had a meeting with Sonja Komeiji and had planned for Finland to establish lots of new genre of Music, which made Sonja Komeiji laugh, so Toyotama Jaakkola slapped her in the face, so Sonja Komeiji finally agreed to it. Both apologised to each other a few weeks later.

In 1937, Sonja Komeiji begun to close her borders temporary, but retrained trade and relations with her Asian allies. Toyotama Jaakkola was shocked in having Finland becoming Semi-Isolated and tried to convince her that nothings happening and that everything is fine. However it doesn't really work so she eventually drives to Sonja Komeiji's palace one day to calm her down again, which worked but she refused to re-open the borders. Soon Toyotama Jaakkola becomes frustrated as Finland is mostly peaceful and friendly and doesn't want to have any conflicts/fights/wars with anyone.

Beginning in 1938, Toyotama Jaakkola decided to check on Sonja Komeiji every month. Also in 1938, she became angered at Pahang's actions, trying to send their propaganda to the Finnish colony above them, so Toyotama Jaakkola sent some Finnish Imperial Military to help guard and blocks their propaganda, and kindly told them to stop it. In 1939 Toyotama Jaakkola renamed that Finnish colony to Mystiää, and also had some Shinto shrines, pro-Finnish propaganda, spread there; as well as sending more military to stop the spread of Pahang propaganda there. Then she also become shocked at Sonja Komeiji's action in leaving the European Council but says nothing and continues to keep an eye on her. In the same year, Pahang asked Finland if they could buy the Mystiää colony; and this had aggravated Toyotama Jaakkola, and so she kindly declined their offer.

In 1941, Toyotama Jaakkola had become angered and decided to give Mystiää independence so to rid of some of the stress she had been having lately. In 1942 Sonja Komeiji had split Huippuvuoret with Denmark and sold some islands to Russia, which made Toyotama Jaakkola facepalm at Sonja Komeiji's actions again, but decides to let it go. Later in 1943 Sonja Komeiji had snapped and tried to flee Finland; and after Toyotama Jaakkola had heard about what happened, she became personally very angered and had to calm down the nation and to prevent fear from spreading, which was successful. She soon had another meeting with Sonja Komeiji and explained calmly that she that she can't do this as it caused great fear into the nation. Soon it was decided that Orvokki Komeiji would take Sonja Komeiji's place as Empress.

In 1944, Sonja Komeiji tried to trick the nation in going for a visit in Korea, when she was actually going to flee Finland again. However, Toyotama Jaakkola knew Sonja Komeiji's tricks well and proceeded to blockade the Gulf of Komachi to prevent the Empress from leaving. After this incident, it was made official that Sonja Komeiji's younger sister, Orvokki Komeiji, was to become Empress of Finland, and so it happened.

In 1945, Toyotama Jaakkola decided to try and have a mining project so to eventually start digging out any minerals with-in Finland, mainly to find to see if Finland itself has some natural resources other than timber and fishing, as she is getting sick and tired of having only timber and fishing dominating some of the industry in Finland.

Then, in 1947, Toyotama Jaakkola's stress, personal anger, and other problems caused her to snap...

Five Four Incident

In 1947, the Swedes begun to protest against Finnish rule, and so Toyotama Jaakkola had enough of all of this, and sent many tanks and military to crush and destroy the Swedish protests. Soon massacres happened in Kyujigöku and Mäyöhigä, and this incident then became known as the Five Four Incident. Wonderlaand also pledged to support it, and soon Toyotama Jaakkola responds by shutting and closing the borders to them and has the Finnish Imperial Navy heavily guard the Gulf of Komachi, and also deported the Swedes to Denmark. She also had some Wonderlaand ships massacred as well.

This continued to 1948, in which Toyotama Jaakkola tried the begins the Ethnic cleansing plan; in which the Swedes are now forced to leave to Denmark. However Empress Orvokki Komeiji became angered by the Shogun's actions and by the fifth month, she fires her. Though, Toyotama Jaakkola refused to step down, and continued to try to shut down the protests. But few days later after much pressure by the Empress and the Finnish government cabinet, as well as Rin Kivimäki bringing back the military, Toyotama Jaakkola then decided to flee off to Käwäshiro.


She fled to Käwäshiro in 1948. By 1950 she had disguised herself and hides out in the Amazon rain forest areas and had begun to secretly trick a few people to luring them into her isolated house, and kills them. She remained out of sight from the police and government.

In 1951, she begun to take an eye from one of her dead victims and puts a wool string through it, and soon has another wool string attacked to her headband, and she starts to carry the eye around, and would change the eye if it starts to go bad. Soon she would stop the killing and would only trick another person to her area to kill only if she was in need of a new eye. Later on, she begun to scare away people with her 'third eye' and had claimed that she could read and destroy people's minds. Then in 1953 she managed to massacre a small village and killed 20 people.

Her decline and Capture

In 1954, she had gathered more eyes from the few more people she killed and flees back into the Amazon rain forest and hides out again. By the 5th month, she begins to remember her past before the 1947 incident, mainly the good times she had with her close friend Empress Sasakia; proceeds to soon look at herself in the mirror and seeing that she is covered in blood and all; then begins to cry at how she somehow turned into a cold, ruthless killer; crys for a week; and soon decides to stop her criminal acts. Eventually, by the 9th month, she walked out of her house from the Amazon Rain Forest, still wearing the 'third eye'. Soon she sees what seem to be a few bounty hunters, and she then crys again and peacefully surrenders to them.

She was then tried in Sunda for her crimes against the Swedes, and the result was to have her exile to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean.


She was declared guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Court of Human Rights, and was sent to exile in Helena.