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Developer ZUN
Publisher Team Shanghai Hanako
Released Latest release: 東方28: August 12, 2013
Genre Danmaku Shoot'em up, Fighting
Platforms Systems equivalent to OTL Windows and OTL Linux
Requirements *It really varies.
Official Site 東方

The 東方Project is a series of 2D (with 3D background) vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Hanako.

The series takes place in Gensokyo and sometimes the Outside World. The main Touhou theme is Shintō, though other themes like Buddhism, Taoism and Hindu are referenced/seen.

It was originally made in 1964, by ZUN. Since then, it gained popularity in Japan by around the early 1970s. Also, the Touhou Project became a media franchise and later, commercial fan books, light novels, manga, and an anime were also developed.

Main Characters

These are the main characters that appear playable (or almost playable) in every game.

Koishi Komeiji

Koishi (古明地 こいし) is a kind hearted, carefree personality. However, despite this, she is angered rather easily if taunted. Her dialogues are sometimes short and she is quick to challenge someone to a fight. She also can read the subconscious minds as well. While her third eye is closed permanently, sometimes in her spells it can appear open, but this is only seen in the most powerful of her spell cards.

Satori Komeiji

Satori (古明地 さとり) is the sister of Koishi. She has the ability to read minds and copy spells with her third eye. Unlike OTL, she is more aggressive, and somewhat less easy-going.

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Miko (豊聡耳 神子) is a spreader of Buddhism and as such she is a Buddhist. She is a best friend of Satori and Koishi, and has Futo as a servant.

Mononobe no Futo

Mononobe no Futo (物部 布都) is a human that has the ability to manipulate Feng shui. She is one of the descendent of the Mononobe clan and is also a Taoist. She also is a servant of Toyosatomimi no Miko, and is also a friend of Satori and Koishi.

Sub-main characters

These characters are playable in some games, sometimes taking an active role in the series.

Rin Kaenbyou

Rin Kaenbyou (火焔猫 燐) is a pet of Satori's, and appears as a partner/playable character in Imperishable Night, Subterranean Animism, and Touhou Hisoutensoku. She has a kind personality, mostly to humans and some Youkai; otherwise, she has a neutral personality for the most part.

Fujiwara no Mokou

Mokou (藤原 妹紅) has the resistance to and can manipulate fire and heat lightning. She is also immortal ever since drinking the Hourai Elixir long ago. Unlike OTL, she can get injured but doesn't feel any pain at all, regardless of how badly injured.

Yuugi Hoshiguma

Yuugi (星熊 勇儀) has the power/ability to wield unexplainable phenomena. As such, she is known to cause many unexplainable problems along her journey. Unlike other Oni, she does not drink at all. Instead, she drinks jasmine tea (Chinese:茉莉花茶 mòlìhuā chá).


Rumia (ルーミア) is a wanderer and only roams around at night time. She can manipulate the darkness, and is far much stronger than OTL.

Seiga Kaku

Seiga (霍 青娥) is originally from China. She is a Taoist and she uses her powers mostly for good, though there were few instances where she didn't. After her arrival in Gensokyo, she revived an ancient Japanese corpse (Yoshika Miyako) as a jiang-shi. After her defeat in Ten Desires, however, she was forbidden to bring back Yoshika Miyako. Later, in Chapter 23 of Wild and Horned Hermit, Seiga was able to bring Yoshika after a compromise.

Hina Kagiyama

Hina Kagiyama (鍵山 雛) has her home in the Youkai Mountain. She can manipulate curses and stockpile misfortune. She has a moderate personality, but is sometimes a bit cold-hearted. Despite this, she is friendly towards humans and youkai.

Minamitsu Murasa

Murasa (村紗 水蜜) is the ghostly Captain of a lost ship. She is a somewhat cold-hearted person, and is not easy to get along with. She likes to cause shipwrecks, as well as having the ability to manipulate tsunamis.

Yoshika Miyako

Yoshika Miyako (宮古 芳香) is a Jiang Shi who was revived by Seiga. She was Seiga's servant and friend for a while until Seiga's defeat in Ten Desires. She was brought back by Seiga again later on in Chapter 23 of Wild and Horned Hermit.

Seija Kijin

Other major/minor characters

Utsuho Reiuji

Utsuho (霊烏路 空) was formerly the pet of Satori Komeiji, until the events of Mountain of Faith. Since then, Utsuho went her own way, and became attached to Kanako Yasaka, and thus soon followed her orders. This didn't last long, as after the events of Subterranean Animism, Utsuho Reiuji became a pet of Satori again.

Masujisha Kirisame

Masujisha Kirisame (霧雨 魔理沙) is a human magician and was known to be a thief as she has a compulsive mania for collecting things. During the events of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she tried to fight off the heroines in the library, but failed. After her defeat, she went into exile and was never seen again.


Mima (魅魔) is a spirit that used to haunt the area around the Hakurei Shrine. She also taught Marisa some magic and used to train Marisa.

Later after Reimu died, she decided to take the Hakurei Shrine and proclaimed it as hers. However shortly after the events of 東方17, she had given it away to Yuuka Kazami.

Reimu Hakurei

Reimu (博麗 霊夢) was the Miko of Hakurei and used to maintain both the Hakurei Shrine and the Hakurei Border. However, she also was exterminating the Youkai, as it was her job. This all ended in the events of Subterranean Animism, in which she had died some time afterwards.

Since then, the Hakurei Border soon collapsed but a new border, called the Myouren Border was built by Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko to replace the former Hakurei Border.

Sanae Kochiya

Sanae (東風谷 早苗) is a Shrine Maiden, and is a very confident person. She was friends with Reimu Hakurei, but had opposed her extermination of Youkai. She lives at the Moriya Shrine, with Suwako Moriya. Before the events that led to the Mountain of Faith, she had protected her shrine from Kanako Yasaka but failed. In Mountain of Faith, the heroines had helped liberated her shrine and managed to kick out Kanako Yasaka. In Subterranean Animisim, Sanae helped out the heroines to help them defeat Kanako Yasaka again, and in the Extra Stage, helped to defeat Reimu Hakurei.

Suwako Moriya

Suwako Moriya (洩矢 諏訪子) is the goddess of the Moriya Shrine. She managed to defeat Kanako Yasaka in the first Great Suwa War. Soon however, she was defeated by Kanako Yasaka in the Second Great Suwa War, which led to the events of Mountain of Faith. With the help of the heroines, Sanae and Suwako managed to defeat Kanako again. She and Sanae also helped out the heroines in Subterranean Animisim to find and defeat Kanako Yasaka there as well.

Nitori Kawashiro

Nitori Kawashiro (河城 にとり) is an engineer, and can manipulate water. She was the one who brought the industrial and technology over to Gensokyo slightly before the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom. By the events of Subterranean Animisim, the heroines had begun to use radars to help track down Kanako. Even though Nitori was successfully able to bring some technology that became usable, other of her inventions are left unused by the Gensokyo inhabitants, so instead Nitori uses it.

Yuuka Kazami

Yuuka Kazami (風見 幽香) is a gardener and can manipulate flowers. She is noted for her aggressiveness and also caused the flowers issue in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, in which flowers were grown in the spring, and even non-spring flowers were grown, and there was too much flowers growing.

Hong Meiling

Hong Meiling (Japanese:紅 美鈴 Hon Meirin; Chinese: 红美铃 Hóng měi líng) is a Chinese Gate Guard that blockades the Koumakan (紅魔館; Scarlet Devil Mansion) and prevents any visitors from going through. She guards the gates 24/7, with lasting 5 hours of sleep each day. She is also skilled in many martial arts including the Shin-Kyaku, and can also use Qi effectively. During the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she defended the gate from Koishi and Friends, but had lost the fight. It is unknown of what happened to her since the incident.

Aki Sisters

Shizuha Aki (秋 静葉) is the goddess of the autumn leaves while Minoriko Aki (秋 穣子) is the goddess of abundant harvest. Shizuha and Minoriko both control the autumn season. However, they only exist every autumn from Gensokyo. This means when spring, summer, and winter occurs, they disappear to another location in where it is still autumn there, and would appear back into Gensokyo when Gensokyo has autumn season again. Both have a superiority complex and try to force their opinions of autumn on others. This irritated Koishi and Friends in Mountain of Faith, and as such, both sisters have been beat badly due to it.

Remilia Hiiro

Remilia Hiiro (レミリア・緋色) is a Jiang Shi. She lives in Koumakan and Sakuya Izayoi is her guardian. She was behind the red mist incident in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Later on, she has become friends with Koishi as seen in the manga.

Patchouli Chishiki

Patchouli Chishiki (パチュリー・知識) is known as an avid book collector and a historian. She is one of the bunch of characters who knows a lot about the Outside World. She first appeared in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil trying to defend herself, in which she was defeated. After said events, she became good friends with Koishi and Friends, and also helping them out in some games, telling some information about the Outside World.


(Note: any numbered games (ie 東方15) means is a place-holder. Once a name is thought of, then the number will be gone.)

So far, there are 28 東方Project games made, and the 29th game has yet to be announced.

東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

During a peaceful spring in Gensokyo, an unnatural scarlet mist appears without warning and covers much of the land. It is strong enough to block out the sun, causing the affected areas to become dark and cold.

Koishi, Miko and Rumia set out to investigate the source of the mist. Their first destination is to the Kiri no Mizuumi (霧の湖; Misty Lake) and start from there. They soon approach Shinki, who happens to be at the lake. After her defeat, she tells them about the happenings of what is going on, and Koishi and Friends then head off to the main gate that leads to the mansion.

As they go up to the gate of the mansion, they easily get through after defeating Hong Meiling with ease, but as they enter the main entrance of the Koumakan, Sakuya Izayoi attempts to block their path and tries to kick them out. This fails, and Koishi and Friends manage to defeat her. Sakuya Izayoi flees for now elsewhere in the mansion and soon Koishi and Friends continue on, going into the huge library.

Koishi and Friends soon enter the library and later run into Masujisha, who tries to stop them. After the brief fight Patchouli Chishiki (パチュリー・知識) then appears and tries to resist. Koishi and Friends the manage to counter her spells, and soon got some answers as to what is going on; afterwards they move on to another room.

As Koishi and Friends approach the main room, they run into Sakuya Izayoi once again. Sakuya tries to use stronger spells and does a well job of holding the front, but again, she is defeated. After dealing with Sakuya, Remilia Hiiro (レミリア・緋色) then appears and tries to deal with them. After Koishi and Friends defeat Remilia, however, Remilia got rid of the red mist over Gensokyo and decided to use a parasol to move around during the day from then on.

Extra Stage Boss is Rin Satsuki.

東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

In Gensokyo, people relax during the winter. Spring still hasn't occurred despite it being the sixth month, and in fact the snow storms are continually getting worse. Satori Komeiji, resident of the Chirei Shrine, falls ill during the extended winter and Koishi has to go find some medicine for her sister. Meanwhile, Toyosatomimi no Miko, notices a cherry blossom petal float down outside her Yumedono Daishibyou Temple and senses that spring is occurring elsewhere. Minamitsu Murasa, captain of the Palanquin Ship, transfers control of the ship to Byakuren Hijiri and she goes off to find clues before the winter storms take down the ship.

Depending on who you choose, the story splits into two. If choosing Koishi, the path will be first to find some medicine for her sister. Choosing Miko or Murasa will take the main path to find the source of the unnatural weather.

Koishi begins by going on her way to Eirin's place and on the way, she runs into Tewi Inaba, who tries to stop her with her tricks. However, Tewi ruined one of her tricks and she ends up defeated. Koishi continues onwards, and soon she runs into Kaguya Houraisan. Soon after having a friendly battle, Koishi follows Kaguya to Eientei and approaches Eirin. After yet another battle, Eirin gives Koishi the medicine to cure her sister. She quickly goes back home to give her sister the medicine and Koishi goes back out to start her investigation.

Meanwhile, Miko and Murasa already begun to start investigating by going through the snowy fields for clues. They fight both Cirno and Letty there and continue on. They then reach Mayohiga and fight off Chen. Thinking that they are led to nowhere, they both continue on in a nearby forest where they approach Akio Horikawa (OTL Alice Margatroid). After Horikawa's defeat, she tells them to go to see the Prismriver Sisters. Once Miko and Murasa defeat the Prismriver Sisters, the sisters lead them into the Netherworld.

Along the way to the Netherworld Koishi rejoices with Miko and Murasa and they continue down. Later after fighting off a bunch of ghosts they meet Youmu Konpaku. Youmu tells them that she has been stealing the spring so that the Saigyou Ayakashi would bloom in perfection with the rest of the gardens. However, Miko and friends don't appreciate this and so they defeat Youmu, and hurry on to Hakugyokurou.

Finally Miko, Murasa, and Koishi approach Yuyuko Saigyouji. Yuyuko told them that she wanted her old soul back from before her existence, and used the stolen spring to try to make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom completely. Miko and Co. wage a huge battle against Yuyuko, which later weakens Saigyou Ayakashi and temporary unleashed the soul. The huge battle continues and soon, Yuyuko's soul is finally sealed once again.

東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

The residents of Gensokyo are preparing for feasts, even though the cherry-blossom viewing season had passed by. Every feast, there is a spiritual aura that slowly awakens. Four days before the next feast begins, the residents of Gensokyo become curious and goes to find the source of the aura.

  • Playable characters:
    • Koishi Komeiji
    • Toyosatomimi no Miko
    • Mononobe no Futo
    • Minamitsu Murasa
    • Rin Kaenbyou
    • Byakuren Hijiri
    • Youmu Konpaku
    • Yuyuko Saigyouji
    • Yukari Yakumo
    • Suika Ibuki
    • Rumia (via Patch)

東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night

Some of the residents realise that there is something wrong with the full moon. Later, Koishi, Satori, Miko, Futo, Murasa, Byakuren, Yuyuko, and Youmu begin to help investigate the latest incident. This time, they split up into four pairs up as follows: Koishi and Satori (Underground League), Miko and Futo (Senkai League), Murasa and Byakuren (Palanquin Team), or Yuyuko and Youmu (Ghost Team). To buy time, the team freezes the time so that it stays night time.

They soon travel along a forest path and begin their investigation. Farther down the route, they encounter Wriggle Nightbug and Mystia Lorelei, and manage to defeat them both. Later, upon entering the Human Village, they meet Keine Kamishirasawa, who is defending the village. After the battle with Keine, she mentions that the person who switched the moons is somewhere in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Upon entering the forest, they run into Reimu, who she demands to know why the team has been freezing time and causing an imperishable night.

After a while, the team arrives at Eientei Mansion. Upon entering the mansion, they find that the place is guarded by Reisen Udongein Inaba. After the fight, the team continues on, and soon follows a path that leads to the fake moon. Once there, they run into Eirin Yagokoro, who had sealed the earth from the moon to prevent the Lunarians from taking her mistress, Kaguya Houraisan. Upon Eirin's defeat, they continue on to the real moon, and encounter Kaguya herself. Another huge battle occurs, and soon, Kaguya is defeated as well.

東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Spring has come once again in Gensokyo, and soon, flowers from every season are coming up at the same time. The citizens realise something odd is going on when they see this thick layer of flowers covering much of Gensokyo and soon head out in search of answers.

  • Playable characters:
    • Koishi Komeiji
    • Satori Komeiji
    • Toyosatomimi no Miko
    • Mononobe no Futo
    • Soga no Tojiko
    • Mystia Lorelei
    • Keine Kamishirasawa
    • Youmu Konpaku
    • Yuyuko Saigyouji
    • Fujiwara no Mokou
    • Hatate Himekaidou
    • Mima
    • Komachi Onozuka
    • Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
    • Yuuka Kazami

東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet

東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

東方非想天則 ~ 超弩級ギニョルの謎を追え (Touhou Hisoutensoku)

ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖 (Double Spoiler)

妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精 (Fairy Wars)

東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

東方心綺楼 ~ Hopeless Masquerade

東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character

弾幕アマノジャク ~ Impossible Spell Card

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