Totonacapan Confederation
1426-1448 Mexica Flag PM4 B.png


Totonacapan Map Improved.png
Capital Xallapan
Religion Totonac
Demonym Totonacapani
Government Confederation
 •  Established 1426
 •  Disestablished 1448
Currency Tonacapani shell

Biggest cities

  • Xallapan - 120.000 pop
  • Cempoala - 120.000 pop
  • Papantla - 60.000 pop
  • Colipa - 30.000 pop
  • El Tajin - 15.000 pop

Foreign Relations

Official Allies

  • Mayapan League: Petitioned for protection from the Aztec Triple Alliance, the two nations are now good allies.

Good Relations

  • Aztec Triple Alliance: Non Aggression Pact, Slave trade

Neutral Relations

  • Most of Mesoamerica

Tense Relations

Hostile Relations

Official Enemies

Personal Unions

  • Tarascan Empire

Vassal/Puppet States

Tributary States


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