Tony Crosland
Chancellor of the Exchequer
In office:

1973 - 1975 

Preceded by: Denis Healey
Succeded by: Unknown
President of the Board of Trade
In office:

1959 - 1963

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown
Education Secretary
In office:

1970 - 1973

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown 

August 29 1918, St Leonards-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Died February 16 1977, London, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Political party: Labour

Hillary Sarson

Children: None
Alma mater:

Trinity College, Oxford

Occupation: Politician
Religion: None

Tony Crosland was a British labour party politician who held several cabinet posts, most notably Chancellor of the Exchequer (1973 - 1975) under Roy Jenkins.

He was a member of Hugh Gaitskell's so called Dinner Cabinet, of junior cabinet members who held great influence over the Gaitskell government.

Crosland was appointed Chancellor by Roy Jenkins, in a controversial move that involved sacking the well respected incumbent Chancellor Denis Healey.

Following Labour's election defeat in 1975, and Roy Jenkins' retirement from front line politics, Crosland became the leader of the social democratic right wing of the labour party. He unsuccessfully stood against James Callaghan for the labour leadership in 1975, but remained in the shadow cabinet.

Many predicted Crosland would make a political comeback, a few even predicted he could be the next labour Prime Minister. His sudden death in early 1977 shocked many.

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