Tom Harkin
Том Харкин
Tom Harkin
40th President of the United States
In office:
August 9, 1990-December 15, 1991
Vice President: Lloyd Bentsen
Preceded by: Jimmy Carter
United States Senator From Iowa
In office:
January 3, 1979 – January 3, 1985
Preceded by:
Succeded by:
Born: November 19, 1939 (age 71)
Cumming, Iowa
Birth name: Thomas Richard Harkin
Nationality: American
Political party: Democratic
Spouse: Ruth Harkin
Alma mater: Iowa State University
Occupation: Attorney
Religion: Roman Catholic
Military service
Allegiance: United States of America
Service/branch: United States Navy
Years of service: 1962-1979

Thomas Richard Harkin (born November 19, 1939) was the 40th President of the United States from 1990 until its collapse on December 15, 1991.

Serving during a period encompassing the downfall of capitalism and the expansion of socialism, Harkin assumed office following the secession of several states and the subsequent resignation of President Jimmy Carter. Throughout his brief term as president, Harkin tried (unsuccessfully) to manage increasing unrest occurring throughout the South and West of the nation and spear-headed the ill-fated attempts to maintain the socialistic reforms emplaced upon economically-unsound economic system of greed on which the United States had been founded.

With attempts to desperately maintain the status-quo of the United States failing, and suppression of the working class leading to no avail, Harkin announced the withdrawal of the nation from the Cold War following a growing wave of secession. In the aftermath of the sudden destruction of Washington D.C at the hands of nuclear weaponry and the economic stagnation following national bankruptcy Harkin declared the United States finished only hours before his removal from office by the likes of revolutionary hero Gus Hall.

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