One of the greatest players of all time in the NFL is Tom Brady who plays for the Patriots. Despite being one of the best he was drafted in the SIXTH round! As such anyone could have picked Brady to be their QB should they have drafted him. I will update this every so often with each and every team as we look at what could have been if Brady was drafted by anyone of these teams instead of New England.

Arizona Cardinals

In the sixth round the Cardinals draft Tom Brady as opposed to Jabari Issa. Arizona was looking to improve on their poor 6-10 record from the previous year. Brady rides the bench that year as Jake Plummer takes the team to an abysmal 3-13. The next year during the pre season Brady beats out Plummer for the starting role in what would be Arizona's last year in the NFC East.

After a rough start in 2001 Arizona bounces back from 2-5 as Brady finds his strides gaining over one hundred yards through the air in a win over the Giants. The Cardinals lead by Brady who was on fire win 7 out of eight earning a trip to the playoffs of a 10 and 6 record. The Cardinals faced the Packers in Lambeau Field. The game results in a 42-10 rout of the Cardinals who end the season 10-7 overall.

The next few years pass are build up years. The Cardinals attempt to give Brady more weapons and center their offense around him by drafting Anquan Boldin and Javon Walker. They even give up draft picks to acquire Larry Fitzgerald. Over the next few years the Cardinals fall just short of playoffs several times before finally making an appearance in the 2007 season off an 11 and 5. At their home wild card game Brady beats the Seahawks D and the pass game helps guide the Cardinals to a 28-17 victory. now it's back to face the Packers in Green Bay. Both sides fight well with over 600 combined passing yards. Ultimately the Packers win out and the Cards are sent packing.

Next year however a reinvigorated Arizona reaches the playoffs yet again. and Host the Falcons. The Cardinals roll over the now Vickless Atlanta. They then roll over the Panthers and go and defeat Philadelphia in an upset to secure a spot in Super Bowl where... The Steelers still win.

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