— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Central Spain
Toleti flag
Flag of Toletia
Toletia II
Location of Toletia
(and largest city)
Toletum (Toledo)
Language Latin (Lingua Latina)
Religion Roman Hellenism
Ethnic groups
  others Ibri, Valenci, Baeti, Lusitani
Government Imperial Province
  legislature Emperor of Rome and Governor of Toletia
Established 1212 (459 AD)
Admission 1216 (463 AD)

A Short History of Toletia

Toletia was established by the Toleti people around the largest internal city of Hispania. Toletum (Toledo), was a center for the construction of ships for the Roman navy and this prominence in ship building would assure the diplomatic relations of the Toleti. This allowed them to take the largest area of Hispania and to do the most damage to the other states. The Toleti may haev retaken the Peninsula if the Emperor Sergius had not intervened in the affair. The River Tagus was the lifeline of Toletia and threatening the Valenci, around the mouth of the river, would assure that this lifeline would not be threatened and the mutual defense of the Provinces of Valencia and Toletia.

A List of Governors of Toletia

Gratian Cucuphas Trogus 1216- (463- AD)

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