Tokyo, also known as the Tokyo Metropolis, is one of the 47 prefectures of the Japanese home islands, the largest city in Japan, its capital city, center of the Greater Tokyo Metropolis, and the world’s largest metropolitan area. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. Tokyo us located in the Kantō region in the southeastern portion of the island of Honshu and also contain the offshore islands of Izu and Ogasawara. The Tokyo Metropolis was formed in 1891 since the Tokyo Prefecture and the city of Tokyo merged together that same year.

The Tokyo Metropolitan government administers Tokyo’s 23 special wards (each governed just like a city), which cover the area of Tokyo, including 39 municipalities in the western part of the prefecture and the two overseas island chains. The population of the special wards is over 10 million people, with the prefecture’s total population 22 million. The prefecture is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan area, which has 45 million people, making it the world’s most populous metropolitan area. It also has the 4th largest metropolitan economy (after Paris, New York City and Beijing) with a GDP of US$2.109 trillion. The city is headquarters to 65 of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Tokyo is one of the world’s four “command centers” for the world economy considered an Alpha++ city, the highest rank of any global city. Only Beijing, New York City and Paris also hold that same rank. The Foreign Policy ranked Tokyo third among the Global Cities Index. Tokyo is also the second most expensive city to live in due to the lack of space with so many people. It is the fourth most livable city in the world after Paris, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. Tokyo has hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics and is a current nominee for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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