The European Powder Keg.

Since the beginning of the 1900's and even late 1800's tensions in Europe had been rising as the empires of Europe compete for their place in the world. With the falling of great empires in the world, such as the Qing and the Ottomans, the powers of the world begin to stake their claims. With the turn of the new decade, 1910 seems like the opening to the great European war. The European powder keg is about to set off. Which side will you choose?

(events from 1900 - 1910 here)


(Link to extended rules here)

These are the basic rules.

  • Each turn is one-half year.
  • Be respectful
  • Don't be ASB
  • You get three strikes for implausibility.
  • Don't upload a new map unless twu years have passed and it has been approved by a moderator




Mod sign up

  • Mod list

Nation List

Nations in Bold must be approved by a moderator.

(List is WIP)


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