Atzala Hueicuitilli Tonantzin
Timeline: Aztec Empire

16th Emperor
January 1, 1991 -

Predecessor: Moctezuma Tlacaelel Tonantzin
Born: February 12, 1942
Died: ----
Profession: Politician, Economist
Atzala Hueicuitilli Tonantzin

Atzala Hueicuitilli Tonantzin, the 16th and current Aztec Emperor.

Tlatoani Atzala Hueicuitilli Tonantzin is the current Emperor of the Aztec Empire, and the 15th Emperor according to the Aztec's traditional order of succession. He acceded to the throne in 1991, and is the 20th most senior monarch or lifelong leader. He is the world's only other reigning monarch besides Japan's whose title is customarily translated into English as "Emperor".

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