Titus (or more formerly, Emperor Titus) was emperor of Rome during the eruption of Vesuvius which nearly killed over 25,000 people.


Early Life

Titus was born in 39 AD. He is the eldest son of his father, also named Titus.


When his father died in June 79 AD, he became emperor. Despite early fears, he was good emperor. He cared for the people's well being.

In July 10, 79 AD Jacobis came to Rome with over 20,000 people dispute to a future eruption. Titus believed he was tricking most of Pompeii due to Vesuvius still not erupting. He had no choice but to send him to death on October. When Vesuvius did erupt Titus freed Jacobis.

In 80 AD he gave the Rebuilding of Pompeii Proclamation which was the last great act he did as emperor.


Late in 80 AD Titus went to New Pompeii to check if everything was under way. There, he was assassinated by Necxus Sardis. He was later caught and tried for murder.

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