Timurid Empire
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Flag of Egypt (1922–1958) Coats of arms of the Kingdom of Egypt and Sudan
Flag Coat of Arms

برای افتخار، برای امپراتور (Perisan)
("For Honor, for the Emperor")

Anthem "Mawtini Mawtini"
Capital Nishapur
Largest city Tehran
  others Turkish, Arabic
Religion Islam
Demonym Timurid
Government Hereditary Monarchy
Emperor Timur the Great
  Grand House of: Timur
Royal Heir Amjad
Population 7,486,261 
Established 1370
Currency Shackle

Royalty of the Empire

Timurid Dynasty

Timur the Great: 1336-1411

Amjad 1396-1420

Draka 1400-14??

Emperors of the Timurids

Timurd the Great: 1370-1411

Amjad I 1411-1420

Draka 1420-14??



The Empire expanded into Iraq, Syria, Erzincan, and Georgia between 1400 and 1406, leading to the Timurid Civil War in 1408-1411, which resulted in the nations of Black Sheep, Erzincan, Syria, Georgia, Azeria, Armenia, and Iraq gaining independance from the Empire. Other factions attempted to break away, but were crushed by the Empire and our Indian allies.


For a few years the Empire recuperated, but as the most damage was in the newly independant nations, there was not as much damage to repair as there would have been had the rebels been crushed, a mixed blessing. By 1415 the Timurids were at war again, this time coming to the aid of the Maldives which were under attack by Vijaynagar, in which the Timurids lead a land force along the coast and destroyed the Vijaynagar interior, burning it and slaughtering the Vijaynagar royal family while Venad, a Vijaynagar vassal, had its puppet government replaced with a Timurid vassal government. By 1419 Vijaynagar had been brutally crushed, and after its government refused negotiations, Vijaynagar was turned into two puppet states, while its lands in Jaffna was turned into the vassal of Ceylon. 

Foreign Policy and Relations


  • Golden Horde
  • Roman Empire
  • Saxony
  • Mamluk Sultanate


  • Jaunpur Sultanate


Trade Agreements

Culture of the Empire

Cultural Makeup

  • Persian 42%
  • Turkic 18%
  • Arabian 7%
  • Indian 33%

Peoples of the Empire

Total Population of Empire: 7,486,261

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