Three Nations of Timucua
Timucua Hapu Biro
Timeline: The Sky Filled With Stars
Timucua Flag TSFWS No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Caleheco ucu timhelo belebichus (Timucuan)
("We press on through death")

Anthem "Acu ela"
Capital of Current Controlling Chiefdom Unuchua
Largest city Talamara
  others Creek, Spanish (very rare)
Religion Native Animist (97%), Catholic (>2%), Atheist (<1%)
Ethnic Group [All percentages approximate] Timucuan (80%), Ai (10%), Calusa (7%), Tequesta (2%), Other (<1%)
Demonym Timucuan
Legislature Council of Chiefs
High Chief Tsino Uini
Area 113,965 km2
Population 3,980,000 (2015 estimate) 
Established 1745
Currency Generally works on a barter system, government occasionally mints coins out of precious metal for international transactions.
Time Zone GMT -5
Calling Code +60
Internet TLD .tmc

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