Britain: Rebellion of Edwin of Northumbria, supported by Malcolm of Scotland. King Magnus of England puts down the rebellion at Alnwick. Edwin is killed and the Earldom of Northumbria divided between Wulfgar Morcarson and young Gyrth Haroldson.

Start of an influx of Jewish refugees from Iberia, due to Magnus's known tolerance of Jews.

France: The Anjou region of France falls to a combined Breton and Danish invasion. Count Fulk killed and his brother Geoffrey liberated and installed as a Danish puppet. Hugh "The Simple" King of France leads his nobility in anm attempt to regain the province. The French are anhilated due to poor generalship and demoralised soldiery. The west of Anjou is annexed to Brittany, and the rest is under Danish control. The knights of Anjou are exiled and their lands given to Danes and Bretons.


Iberia: El Cid commanded to secure the levante region of Spain, receives an influx of newly-landless French knights to swell his mixed Christian and Muslim force.

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