Flag of Portugal

Flag of Portugal

Portugal is a world power.

Early History of Castillian-Portugal

Isabella of Castille was betrothed to the King of Portugal, Afonso V. In OTL Isabella sneaks off and marries Ferdinand II of Aragon. In this TL Enrique of Castille manages to successfully wed Afonso V to Isabella of Castille. During Afonso's reign Afonso and Isabella are confronted with the choice of sending Christopher Columbus on his journey to the Americas. Instead Afonso refuses and Christopher Columbus does not sail in the year 1492. In 1493 Portugal attempts its alternate route to Asia and fails due to a horrible storm that occurs along the way. Afonso's son John II of Portugal weds Juana daughter of Enrique of Castille and creates a union of Castille and Portugal. John II dies in 1495. Once again in the year 1502 Christopher Columbus asks the Castillian-Portuguese Union for money to travel to India. This time Manuel I grants him permission. Columbus reaches the island of Hispaniola. He trades some European goods for Native American goods and returns back to the Castillian-Portuguese United Empire. In the year 1510 Manuel I of Portugal renames the Castillian-Portuguese United Empire into Grande Portugal. In the year 1512 Manuel I sends ships to set up colonies on Hispaniola. Their first colony is the colony of New Portugal with its first city of New Lisbon. The colony goes very successfully and soon after Portugal sends more ships and expeditions deeper into the mainland of North and South America. Catherine of Aragon has her first child, Prince Richard VI of the House of Tudor. A few years later Prince Henry VIII has his first child with Anne Boleyn. The English Crown starts to send out expeditions to the new world. France sends out several expeditions to the new world. They begin their colonization around the St. Lawrence River. In the year 1520 Aragon sends out ships to begin its colonization of the New World. With the colonization of New Portugal a success the Portuguese empire sends an explorer into the Main land. This explorer is Hernan Cortes. Hernan Cortes reaches the Aztec empire and hears news of all the gold the Aztecs have. Hernan Cortes comes to the Aztecs and confronts their leader. In OTL the Aztecs believe Cortes is a god, but because of Cortes' later timing in this TL the Aztecs doubt his godliness and the Aztecs beat back the Portuguese. In the year 1522 the Portuguese send Francisco Pizarro and a larger army of soldiers to defeat the Aztecs. This time they win, but not before the Aztecs had already begun to flee and take their gold with them towards other locations. Pizarro founds Lima, Mexico and claims the area for Portugal. At the same time Aragon lands in Florida after two unsuccessful voyages to the new world. They set up the colony of New Aragon with the city of New Barcelona.

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