North America 1860-1900

February 3, 1862: Jefferson Davis, President of Confederacy, takes control of Mexico and all of South America in a gigantic display of Confederate Power.

May 13, 1862: Due to widespread thinning of the Confederate Army, Ulysses S. Grant curb-stomps the South and then conquers the rest of loosely controlled Confederate South America.

June 18, 1866: After winning a second term and avoiding assassination, Lincoln buys Canada and Alaska from the United Kingdom and Russia, with the King of Britain stating, "The Americans have done what we thought no one could do, just like they did almost a hundred years ago. I fear that my people still have not learned anything and have lost a game of chess to a mere novice", for $50,000,000.

December 7, 1867: Japanese diplomatic talks have been going on for two months. The Emperor of Japan gives all of its lands to the American superpower, in return for total equality and the same rights as Mainland America. Lincoln agrees with the annexation, which is seen by Europe as a threat to their Chinese ports, and political discontent starts. The European powers worry that the Americans will eventually get the Czar to annex Russia to America.

October 1, 1872: The rest of the Pacific is finally owned by the U.S., and the country goes through Operation Destination, a plan to increase trading through the construction of vast canal and rail systems.

May 13, 1887: President Larson Sanders declares the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Union Victory as a nationwide day off and celebrations start. America begins the transition from small republic to great superpower.

January 9, 1898: Spain, France, Italy and the UK begin the "Four Points of the Holy Cross Alliance", with the sole purpose of stopping the U.S.' monopoly on trade and reconquering their former colonies. They declare war.

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