Points of Divergence

1.In the 1003 Expedition Leif Erickson makes peace with the Beothuck, creating a will for long lasting colonies in the West.

2. Erick the Red lives longer than in OTL to be an extra figure in the early years.

The Early Years

980- Erick the Red sights North America but does not land

1003- Leif Erickson and 20 sailors land on what today Le Anse Aux Meadows., meeting with the chief of natives establishing communications and relations. The natives called themselves Beothuck, he returns to Greenland. Staying for a winter, reporting green lush lands that never freeze in the Winter only to be considered a liar and a hoax.

1009-Thorfinn Karlsefni and Freydis Eriksdottir goes west to find the Truth about the lands to the west, with 60 men and women, they rebuild Leif's old camp Le'Anse; Aux' Meadows, Thorfinn sends a party of 40 to the East to bring more Colonists and Find Leif Erickson . He continues trade with the Beothuks.

Spring 1011- A large fleet of 40 ships laden with 800 men, along with 300 women and children and Thorvald,
Leif, Thorstein and their farther Erick the Red set sail. The Beothuks become worried and then enraged when they see all the new settlers on the Summer Solstice. The natives summon a secret talks, they agree to raid the outlying farms at night and then siege the settlement itself to starve the colonists into departure.

After a week of chaos and sabotage, Thorfinn takes 500 men and scourges Gn'ott (Newfound Land) of any Beothuck Presence, but he is ambushed and killed in a forest. The group fights off the attackers and continues to ravage the countryside, and after weeks of pillage and burning, they return to the town. Leif takes charge of the colony and establishes regular outposts in case of any new attacks, but none take place.

Fall 1011- The Beothuck flee to the mainland to their Mi'kmaq allies and return with an coalition of 2,000 tribal warriors, On the night of September 20th (according to the Le Anse Aux Medows Saga) the sole account of the history of the Vestars for years to come). Hundreds of canoes landed on the island. However they were sighted at dawn and on the 25th, in the Heart of the Island 900 Viking Landsmen came against the Native Alliance. The battle went well for the Norse as the charging natives could not cope with iron axes and shield walls. In the end only 500 survived and escaped to the mainland.

Gn'ott was now cleaned of any aboriginal peoples.

On October 7th, Leif Erickson was crowned King of the Realms Heulland, Vineland and Markland. (Of course the Colonists were unaware of the extent of these new lands).

1012- After a mild winter the new kingdom is in prosperity, 400 more colonists arrive this year, as word spreads through out the Norse World of a Green Fertile Utopia, laden with vineyards.

1013- A New Town Firgarri Rauor is established on the island named in honor of Erick the Red, King’s Leif I. 354 arrive this year.

1014- Thorvad takes a party of 50 and go South to explore Vinland, the population of Markland is now reaching 2,700.

1015- Walls are built around Le' Anse' Aux' Meadows, Thorvad and his 50 sail down the coast of Vinland claiming it all for King Erick The Conquerer, he describes in his accounts great lush land beautiful in every way as if it were the promised heavens "Full of life at the edge of the world, this was the gift of Thor to his children". He meets several tribes of Skagerlings along the way such as the Lenap, Pokanoket and the Powhatan. chartering the coast and creating trading relations.

1016- 100 colonists arrive, Thorvad returns from his expedition, new roads are built by King Erick I. An Envoy from King Olaf II of Norway demands tribute, Erick Rejects the Ultimatum.

The Northern War

1017- Word has been spreading of Leif Erickson Conquest of Gn'ott and he has become a hero through the Viking World, there is popular revolt in Norway against the King Olaf, An Peasant goes to Erick's Court and tells him of what goes on the East, Erick wants to stay in Marks Land but decides to go to Norway and claim the throne, He sets off to Norway gaining support of Green Land and Denmark along the Way.

1018,Leif Erickson Arrives in Norway with 2,500 men, the Norwegian Rebels join him and the army is now of 8,500 in strength against Olaf 4,000. Near Trondenium on July 15th Olaf shows his valor as a Priest King but motherless Erickson with superior strength wins the day. Erickson generously spares Olaf's life and allows him to spend his life as a monk. August 10th Erickson is crowned King of Norway, Iceland, Green Land, and the Western Realms. He gives to his farther Vestar (Western Realms), Thorvad gets Iceland and Thorstein gets Green Land. He converts the Christianity on his baptism the day after his crowning, his relatives follow suit . As the Vestars have become more populated they have made an semi identity citizens of the Western Realms will be called Vestars. as described in the Le' Anse' Aux' Medows Saga.

The First Skagerling Wars

1019 As King of Norway Erickson allied with the Danes under Canut to create an Viking Superpower . In the West Erick the Red sends 200 colonists across the channel of Tirvad to establish a colony in Vineland.

1020 Erick the Red one the first Vikings to sight the west dies at age 70,his life dreams of going beyond the recognized world fulfilled. The over lordship goes to the King Erick I only son Thorkell Leifsson, he founds Mikill Utan on the shores of Northern Vinland across Bryan Vagar (Clear Bay).

1021- Ari Sloger is made captain of the new exploration into the bay of Bryan Vagour with 40 men, 74 colonists
Viking Land
arrive this year. King Erick aids the Danes in Conquests of Ireland.

A Formal Royal Court has been built in Le Anse Aux Medows

1022- According to the Saga of Le' Anse' Aux Meadows, There are now eleven Christian chapels in Vestar and Mikill Utan. Harvests are doing very well in Norway.

1023- The Bryan Vagour expedition returns with new found stories of even more pleasant country. they reported the last Beothuck presence across the bay of Bryan Vagour, by disease their population has dwindled. On the return journey their night camp was ambushed by Skagerlings, they were repelled and followed, the explorers burned the village in the morning, it is unclear if there is any remaining of the Skagerlings that once rested in Gn'ott. A great sea was found very far inland. (Extent of travels shown below)

New England Map

Extent of the voyages of 1021

1024- King Erickson I dies, the throne, will go to his brother Thorstein, (Jacob) Greenland will now be under the control of Thorstein II (Randolph) Thorestin's son.

1025- In the late winter of this year Mikill Utan is destroyed in a night attack. 250 settlers are killed, the reaming 50 board two small ships and return to Gn'ott It is unclear who were these Skagerlings. This summer Lord Leifsson sends every able bodied man in the Vestars to fight 1,400 are assembled. Lord Thorstein and Ari Sloger lead the expedition and landed in Mark Land however after six weeks nothing is found but abandoned villages, and overgrown fields. A new town Rauor Erickson Skourliger is built on the old site in honor of the Erickson family, 300 men are placed there to garrison it. A wooden stockade fort is built around the whole site, 100 women and children arrive here to give this settlement a sense of "permanence."

1026- A series of low walls and small forts are built close Rauor Erickson Skourliger’’, five miles inland to the peninsula, The garrison remains, Thorvald dies and his power is passed purely to the newly created Icelandic Bing Assembly of Iceland (20 representatives voted in by the citizens, with Thorvald’s son Bórbrandr as appointed leader, (though he may be voted out by the people). Thorstein II marries Halda daughter of Canute.

1027- The mysterious Skagerlings return in the spring found by the watches of the far veggar (western walls). The next week Nordic Speaking Beothuck envoy approaches the fortifications talking on behalf of the 6,000 native horde Which includes the last Beothuck, but mainly Mi’kmaq, Abecncki and Anshinaabe. He demands that the new comers flee to Gn’ott and never return. Thorkell, who has just arrived on a routine examination of the Vestars, personally executes the man himself his head on the Vegar for all the natives to see. The natives storm the walls against a present 400. On April 14th of this year the Battles of the Vegar begin, the first day of the war goes well, for the Vestars with the natives repelled. The attacks lose intensity but still, go on through the first week. The Vestars begin tire and wear down, after repeated attacks on the 22nd the Native Alliance breaks through the Vegar, only a few manage to escape the storming native tide. For two days the angry warriors scourge and burn the countryside The Native alliance approaches Rauor Erickson Skourliger. On the 24th Two Hundred and Fifty Landsmen, Thralls, Women and Children and a the stockade was the last Vestaren presence in Vinland holding out. The Le Anse Aux Meadows Saga describes Bergifinnr Bergborr young survivor of the Vegar disaster a 15 year old who had been born in Gn'not (among the first to be born in the island) ....With the roar of a lion he came, with the strength of a boar he came, to the old, the women, the helpless and the dispared they became strong in a day..... 5,500 Natives attacked the town on the night of the 25th, the saga describes .. the animals howlded but did not bring fear, to the valour of the women and children throwing the Skagerlings from the wall, pitiful creatures they must have been... In the wee hours of morning at last by sheer weight of numbers the savages overcame the walls.... But end it was not at dawn, but beginning, a horn from the sea was herd, for Lord Thorkell had not forgotten the valour of his people and it was to be rewarded....

The Messiah smiled upon his sinners that day in a day the shined light on all of the Vestars, blowing them toward the shore, The eyes of Bergifnnr and Thorkell met and their minds talked, as an arrow pierced Bergifnnr's heart and Bergfinnr died to feast in the heavens with his job done, Bryan Vagour became red with the blood with the end with the terrible existence of a species....

Every able bodied man in the Vestars (800 according to sources ) was summoned to save the town of Rauor Erickson Skourilger, at their arrival the town was in massacre, as they surrounded the town on all sides the murderers were made the murdered, but their chief could not escape exposure by death, identified as a Beothuck )he is considered the last of his dead nation, taken to Gn'not and dragged in chains around the around the island, whipped, beaten
Vikings rading

Renactments of Raders purging the countryside

and then burned on the stake. Thorkell takes 400 men to locate the last natives in Northern Vinland (leaving the others to aid the survivors), Countless villages are destroyed in the genocide at the hands of the raiders, however some are spared by a call to show mercy in the name of Jesus, Christ, 400 Men, Women and children (mainly Mi’kmaq and Huron,) are made part of the church of Vestars and become part of a new found hermitage , Christja Vestra .The First Skagerling Wars (as to be called by modern historians) are considered to be at an end. From Scandinavia 300 immigrate this year.

The Kingdom of the Vestars take hold of West

1028- In Honor of the victory of the previous year a 20 ft high stone cross is erected in the middle of the reconstructing town, which is growing to 400 settlers.

1029- The population of the Vestars is estimated at 4,000 settlers, On May 10th

Chriskja Monument in celebration of Thorkell's Victory

1030- Markland is colonized with the founding of Niki Dukblin (New Dublin) with 200 colonists.

Viinland 1033

The Vestars in 1033, The red line is the coming journey of Ari Sloger the Purple line is the return journey

1033- Another expedition into the west is commenced under Ari Sloger with a crew of 40.

1035- King Canute of England and Denmark dies, the throne goes to his son Harcanut, he will be know as King Canute III.

1036- Canute of Denmark and England dies under mysterious and peculiar circumstances, due to his marriage to Halada, Thorestein II is given the throne of a super Norse Kingdom, of the Norway,Denmark, England, Iceland, Parts of Ireland, Greenland and the Vestars.

1037- The expedition finally returns with natives who call themselves Potwami, Ari Sloger Reports not one but five great inland seas named. Noar, Bilir, Nogour, Blatuar, Blair . Regular trade relations are established, the Vestar Kingdom will be welcome to build trade post in the sea of Bilir.

1038- 50 Colonists, Merchants and a priest travel to the sea of Bilir and establish fort.augior.

Spring 1039- A revolt stirs in England at the bidding of the Saxon lord Edward the Confessor.

Summer 1039- Word spreads through the Norse World of the loss of England, Lord Adam departs with 900 thralls, landsmen and huscurals to Denmark.

1042- Adam returns from the East in victorious service of his Thorestien II, who now controls Norway, Denmark, England and the lord of the Western Colonies.

1045- Augior grows to 500 setters.

1046- On the isle of frior the town of Rinsa is founded with 25 colonists.

1048- A second Colonial boom begins; fame has spread through Europe of a mysterious land of the far-west.

1050- Lord Adam dies passing on his throne to his son Jenis.

455px-Viinland 1033

Extent of the Vestars 1050 A.D

1051- Juan Carlos a merchant of Aragon is the first Non Norse European to set foot in the West, in later years he will become of great service in dealing with the natives from the sea of Bilir.

Spring 1052- Pope Leo IX sends an envoy demanding the Church of the Vestars and Bishop St. Gunner to swear Loyalty to the Vatican, King Jenis refuses.

Summer 1052 Loyal Friend and Allie Randolph II supports the Vestars.

Thorestien issues the Lysa Norse Sjalfvli (Word of Norse Free Will), formally creating a separate Norse Church not recognizing the Pope as the heir of Apostle Paul.

1053- Pope Leo IX denounces the Norse as Pagan Savages.

At a ripe old age of 62 renowned captains Ari Sloger dies.

1055- The population of the Kingdom now lies at 10,000.

1056- Jai Kielland is made captain of the Vestar Fleet; the fleet consists of 100 present standing ships.

1058- In Europe Scandinavia is subject to a holy war, that is called ‘‘crusade, at the hands of French Germans and Italians while being an impressive force it is lured into trying to cross to Norway from Jutland and the crusade is attacked by the Norse from all sides. 15,000 are captured and 8,000 die. No one escapes.

1060- After much negotiation the Norse Kingdom receives 80,000 talents in return for Ransom of the Crusaders and Recognitions of any Norse Denominations as in spiritually equal to the pope.

1063- Archbishop Gunner goes to England to find the Holy Grail vowing to not return without it, leaving Jacobic as regent Church Leader.

1067- Archbishop Gunner frustrated with years of searching decides it cannot be in Britain; he takes 10 monks and travels for the Holy Land.

1071- After two decades, several small trading posts have been built along fljot rinna (OTL St. Lwarance) maintaining good relations with the natives, the Vestars have created a profitable fur trade. Jenis dies passing on the throne to his brother Jamar

1072- Meradoick a battered and beaten Saxon Monk crawls into the Royal Court, struggling to speak.

"My wise master who was lord of lords in God's eyes humiliated ,beaten dragged into distant lands him and my friends defiled and crushed, by beasts of burden., We had nothing but god in our hearts. Farther Gunner fell one day no longer being able to plow, was given special torture he was burned over and over again, until his body was given to the leeches.... All of my brethren died in cursed hell, I escaped one night waking at the high moon seeing my chains broken hearing a voice "go back and tell them, good soul"...

1073- Jamar goes to the East with an army of 3,000 to Norway, to ask for help in a venture into the East for vengeance of the Gunner Tragedy and to find the "stolen" Holy Grail.

1078- Meradocik convinces the Vestar Clergy to appoint him as Archbishop.

1081, King Jamar returns from the East in triumph.

1082- Jamar dies leaving his nephew Augoimir as lord.

1083- The Population of the Vestars is now 25,000.

1084- Meradocik completes the Saga of Le Anse Aux Meadows, an account of the Vestar Kingdom spanning from Erick the Red's first sighting to his own time.

The Era of Two Kingdoms

Spring 1086- Augoimir dies childless the throne falls to two well known members community , 30 year old Tassi distant relative of Thorfinn and, Gandalfr 19 year old son of Monk Meradoick, the two decide to become co-leaders appearing to prevent civil war.

Summer 1087- On the Summer Solstice Meradocik is found dead while Gandalfr is no where to be found, Tssai is crowned King by his followers, vassal to no one. Tssai reveals him self as a Pagan and announces
True Cross

Splinter of True Cross that is Referred to by the Song of many Chiefdoms

the return of the old gods. He and his closest conspirators make a night raid on the Monasteries killing any of the clergy that failed to escape. Among the survivors is Priest Alfarr a descendant of the Beothuck nation rides to Le Anse Aux Meadows to warn the people of Tssais's intentions on the Christja Cross arming the citizens in the name of Christ the All Mighty.

Tssai convinces many of the farmers and laborers to follow him in the Name of Thor.

For too many a year we proud people have allowed ourselves to become nags to our subjects through the weaklings prophecies of one so holy god king... even embracing the Skagers as our equals, it is time we end that day and take our destiny as Norse Men!'"

Excerpt From: The song of a many chiefdoms

He finds Le Anse Aux Meadows prepared for war, calling for those who oppose him to come and fight his army out in the open. Captain Geirbjofr and Farther Alfarr meet Tssai on the field,

Gnnot During the Era of the Two Kingdoms

The Song of a many chiefdoms relays the scene

Like Lions the children of God stormed into the fray though severely out-numbered slaying many a snake, but when one snake was killed three more showed up to take his place - and Alfarr the Skagerling and Geribjofr the Wave Herder were caught in a torrent of wolves.... lasting through the day and unto the dusk... as the sun set upon Earth's Edge, Akrarr called to God begging him to disperse the maddened swine... to the surprise of all he took a splinter of the true cross and created light to dispel the upcoming darkness... the heathens fled like dogs unto the night GLORY TO THE HEAVENS AND THE REDEMER......

As the only account of the Battle of Jarn the exact details remain unclear, Tssai would withdraw to the south of Gn’ott and make his kingdom at Firgarri Rauor starting the Era of Two Kingdoms. Vineland and the Bilir both create their own local councils feeling they could not depend on either state for support.

1091- Three years of fighting has not accomplished victory for ether city, co-leaders Alfarr and Geribjofr build a wall across Gn’ott to protect his Christian Duchy Tssai builds his own wall further south, creating a no-man's land in the middle.

1094-- Alfarr dies of old age leaving Geribjofr in sole command of the Christian Duchy

1096- Geribjofr dies, the Christian Ducky fragments into many several fragments around local estates.

1106- Tssai marches on the Christian Lords, what exactly happened in this new war is unclear but he is defeated and killed by a coalition of the noble men, pagan Gn’ott fractures into duchies and estates as well.

1109- The council of Niki Dublin buys land to the south from natives who call themselves Delaware, creating a trade post far to the south on a peninsula, the new town is called Margar Hjnoa. In time this will become among the most prominent of cities in the world.

1113- Norse King Haddar with an army of 10,000 land of Gn’ott to end the pagan splinter state, tipping the balance in the near 30 year stalemate. Gandalfr hiding in Iceland for many years returns to take back his kingdom that has so long been denied to him. Seven of the eight great pagans are beheaded and their estates destroyed, the land to redistributed to new comers and the Vestar Church.

Pagan Odin Eymr escapes with 300 followers and sail far to the distant south, in what is now vel vatar, (OTL Hispanloia) unaccustomed in the new Tropical Environment they survive only because of the good will of the native Tanio people. The period of the many chiefdoms are over.

"With the return of god's lions at last the kingdom was whole and merry again unshaken by the hands of Devil Believers. Gods will was appointed once again unto the land"

1118- Leif Erickson day is set on June 20th in honor of their first king, starting the mark for yearly celebrations.

1124- Gandalfr Lord of the Vestar Kingdoms dies, his son Fagour takes the throne.

1130- Fagour establishes the skattur (tax) this establishes one on the first cencuses sice the Pax Romania, the population of the Kingdom and Outlying trade posts is 56,501 according to the Skattur. Fagour builds a system of paved roads throughout Northern Vinland and Gnnot improving commerce. He also creates a primitive primary education system. Children from six to twelve of all casts will attend Sunday Schools run by the clergy of the Vestar Church.

1136- There is now a continuous belt of settlement from Markland down the Fjjot Rinnoa, to Fort Augior to the Sea of Blir.

1137- Fagour dies leaving his son Rathulf on the throne.

1145- A large tribe Huronigor (OTL Huron) attacks the Vestaren Allies the Powtomi, Lord Rathulf leads an combind Powtomi and Norse army of 5,000 crushing the outnumbered Huron near Fort Auigor, the Huronigor flee to the North and disperse, Today this is referred as the Second Skagerling War.

1151- 50 colonists settle in Eyrr (OTL Cape Cod)

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