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  • The invasion is a huge success and it directs up the Baltic coast of Russia. Mikal III does not expect the German Army to capture Petrograd but is very wrong.
  • By the 12 April the Imperial German Army reach the city of Petrograd and overrun it. It takes only dive days for the city to be taken as reserve forces are diminished easily and Russian Forces are all located in Serbia and unable to help.
  • On the 14 April Tsar Mikal III is executed and under General Runov Borisovich they surrendered there lands to the German Empire. This was a major win for the Germans.
  • The Siege of Belgrade takes place as Serbian freedom fighters aided by defected Russian soldiers fight for the city. This is the start of a year and a half battle for one city.



This is the start of the Tragic Peace a time during WWI when the Germans invade the Austro-Hungarians from the inside. Not much outer conflict is taking place

  • On the 3 April Austro-Hungarian Royal Guards stage a rebellion in the Royal palace but are shot down. 120 men die in the fighting and 565 are arrested and executed.
  • On the 5 April Kreisel issues the Edict of Union which proclaims the German Empire as the succeeding nation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The government of Austro-Hungary is abolished and is met by public outrage.
  • On the 11 April 200,000 angry protesters are arrested in Budapest and sent to Danzig Detention Center.
  • On the 13 April, another 35,000 protesters are arrested in Vienna and propaganda slowly changes the Austro-Hungarians in favour of the new Kaiser.



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