Key Events

Please note: The only events that will appear will be the one or two key events that occur in each year, depending on how eventful the year is.


Late 1939

September 3rd: Adolf Hitler gives into Neville Chamberlain's demands and removes his troops. Instead he announces that he will look to reclaiming the German Territories in Africa that were taken away in the Treaty of Versailles.

November: Adolf Hitler announces the conquering of Rwanda, a former member of German East Africa. The League of Nations choose not to intervene, as Hitler is, once again, only trying to reclaim lost colonies. He publicly admits his next target is Burundi.

December: German troops invade Yugoslavia. Josef Stalin declares war on Germany, stating that they have no place in the Balkans. Hitler appeals to the League of Nations for help and negotiations begin in Moscow to find an outcome to the dispute other than conflict. After three weeks of deliberation, Stalin withdraws his declaration, stating that 'he made a mistake'. Hitler's power in Europe is stronger than ever before, however the outcry over his invasion of Yugoslavia means that he has to bide his time patiently before carrying out such an action again.



March-April: The USSR have all trade deals declared void when it is revealed that they are carrying out nuclear radiation tests on Belarusian children. Adolf Hitler declares this a 'monstrosity' and vows to free the Belarusian people. In early April, German troops march into Belarus, negotiating a deal with Stalin that allows Germany to 'take it off Soviet hands'. New British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, fails to comment on the political situation.

October-December: Ukraine are the next member of the USSR to want out when Stalin attempts to commit genocide against them. However, this attempt at independence is not supported by Hitler, and Ukraine engage in two months of bloody fighting before they gain independence. This declaration is shortly followed by the German announcement that Germany had agreed to make Ukraine a member of the German Empire.


May: Communist rebels march into the home of Benito Mussolini, and arrest seven key members of the Italian Fascist Party, before executing Mussolini on sight. Hitler catches sight of this happening and sends German troops into Italy, vowing to 'defend' the country. However, when the Communist Party also collapses, Hitler declares himself as new leader of Italy, stating it is 'what Benito would've wanted'.


January: The League of Nations is dissolved following it's lack of intervention in any situation of political unrest over the last five years. Hitler calls a summit in Berlin to discuss a new world organisation, where he and Winston Churchill announce the formation of WOPC (World Organisation for the Prevention of Conflict). The USSR, unsurprisingly, are not allowed to join.

April-December: The USSR announces that they will fight for the remaining states still in their grasp. Over the course of the next eight months, defeat after demoralising defeat leads to each respective state breaking away from the Soviet Union, and declaring themselves independent. Eventually, the strain of conflict becomes too much for Josef Stalin, and he resigns from his post as Soviet leader after almost 20 years in charge. He is swiftly arrested by the newly-formed WOPC and is detained in a prison in Belarus for the remainder of his life. The new Russian state is declared as democratic, and vows to restore order to the Eastern Bloc.


May: Flaws in Hitler's government begin to be seen when the German Workers' Party rebels against the Nazi regime and attempts a democratic coup. Hitler responds by executing family members of key members of the German Workers' Party. They eventually back down, but this rebellion exposes Hitler as the evil dictator many German people already saw him as.

November: In a shock decision, Adolf Hitler tenders his resignation as Chancellor after 10 years, and is briefly replaced by Heinrich Himmler. However, the new Nazi leader's is short-lived, and Lukas Moller is declared as the new leader of a split Germany (North Germany belonging to Russia, having been promised German land in the Treaty of Moscow in 1939, and Deutsch Republic belonging to the former Germany). Hitler is forced to live in exile in still-Nazi Austria for the rest of his life. Moller also announces that any states taken by Hitler and the German Empire will be made independent.

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