The following timelines is a list a description of Major Conflicts. They are organised by Global Wars or its location in the world.

Global Wars

Global Wars are wars that involved 4+ nations or were over a large area of land.


  • Russian Expansion - 1829-1836 - Gregory II was overthrown as the Tsar by his nephew Nikita III. He was unhappy with the current state of the Russian Empire and began to expand the empire. He soon created a large empire taking over Mongolian land. He began his life long dream of defeating the sworn enemy of Russia the Mongolian Empire.



Central Europe


  • Central Euro War - 1993-2001 - The Central Euro War was a large scale war fought between Yugoslavia and the Central Allies. It affected the entire world economically and politically with the USSR invading Romania and Crimea. It started after Yugoslavia tried to annex North Greece. Greece and Italy retaliated and invaded and soon the USSR offered help before invading Crimea and Romania. A world war was imminent until the Russian Security Council pulled its troops from the countries and the war was concentrated to Central Europe.

British Isles




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