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Here is a timeline of Inventions in the Ard Marjhoola world, starting from its POD.

For a timeline of events, see Timeline of events.

Italics lists OTL inventions at the same time they are invented in this timeline.

900's: Banknotes in China

900's: Firelance in China

900's: Milling Factory in Abbasid Caliphate: Baghdad

900's: Cartographic grid in Abbasid Caliphate: Baghdad

900's: Graph paper in Arab world

900's: Horizontal-axle windmill in West Asia

900's: Timekeeping astrolabe in Persia

904: Fire Arrow in China

919: Double-piston flamethrower in China

952: Fountain pen invented in Fatimid Caliphate

984: Pound Lock in China

992: Astronomical sextant in Persia

993: Geared mechanical astrolabe in Persia

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