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This article lists a general overview for the Human-Zombie War, a major conflict within Night of the Living Alternate History.


  • 6 March- Infection reported in southwest United States
  • 15 March- Arizona declares a state of emergency
  • 30 March- The scientist group in the United States is arrested. The group is led by secret convoy to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
  • 1 April- Humans resembling zombies are reported in Arizona.
  • 3 April- Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is overrun from within.
  • 7 April- The Battle of Phoenix begins
  • 9 April- Milan is quarantined. The effort is mostly unsuccessful, and zombies are reported near Turin and Genoa.
  • 11 April- Phoenix, Arizona is abandoned
  • 16 May- Normandy and Brittany are overrun with zombies. Blockades are established near Paris, Tours, and Nantes
  • 24 May- Zombies enter West Germany
  • 10 June- The Soviets expand the Berlin Wall in an effort to halt zombies in West Germany and France
  • 11 June- The City of London locks itself off from London. Much of southern England remains zombie-filled. The British army occupies several large cities
  • 15 July- Zombies reach the outskirts of Chicago. The US government is able to hold them off
  • 19 July- Checkpoints facilitating refugees are set up in the Eastern US
  • 20 July- Casualties in western Texas increase. Texans abandon everything west of Lubbock
  • 25 July- Zombies enter Indiana
  • 20 August- President Nixon begins the Blockade Campaign, a large scale operation with the goal of pushing the zombies back to the Mississippi.
  • 21 September- Much of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are overrun
  • 10 November- Heavy bombing of Mississippi banks begins. Many bridges are targeted and destroyed. US forces begin sieging Memphis, Tennessee

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