Russian-checkpoint- 795280c

Soviet soldiers man a checkpoint in Japan during the search for Hans Krup.


Although the priority was on keeping Krup alive it was by no means an order.Soviet bombers began to bomb mount Fuji and by December they had surrounded the area ,not wishing for a repeat of the mountain war in Germany ,extremely tight security was put in place with every single thing going in and out was monitored .It was mainly out though as the villages in the area were practically cleared because of the constant bombing and shelling, within 2 months the situation for the Japanese and German insurgents was dire, strong coalition forces had the area surrounded and there was little hope of escape or being resupplied soon they would be facing starvation also the bunkers they lived and planned in were not nearly as strong as the powerful fortresses in the Mountainous regions of Bavaria and were much more susceptible to collapsing under powerful allied bombs .Facing defeat many of the Japanese and less hard line Germans began to surrender. In February 2007 Krup was finally captured he was heavily disguised as an old refugee on a horse and cart but when searched it was revealed he had a scar from shrapnel like Krup had on his videos he was interned and finally discovered with tight security he was transported to the Hague to be tried by the international court, fighting continued in the Fuji area but the PCU and Soviet had massively suppressed it so it was a mere annoyance more than Guerrilla Combat.

With the NSLA leadership devastated, the terrorists would never recover from this blow. Within months, it would disintegrate. As the NSLA crumbled, the last possibilities of a Nazi resurgence died with them, and thus the world became a safer place.

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