War on Terror January 2000: while the world celebrates the new millennium's arrival, Germany and Japan suffer a particularly appalling famine when they announce that they can not pay the next set of reparations and the Polish and Soviets respectively impose sanctions on them. Footage of that famine is shown across the world, and the public just cheer about it. As a result of a desire for revenge, Neo-Nazi movements had already been hiding across the world, dividing into cells, right under the Gore administration's nose, and bide their time. When the famine hit, they saw this as their time to strike.

Al Gore lost the Election of 2000 to Vicente Fox, who is the first Hispanic president of the United States. With his Vice-President Russell Means, they began helping the Indian tribes in a system of Federal relief bonds and making new treaties with the reservations. He also steered the American economy to greater times. Many hailed his Presidency as the dawn of the "New Millennium" as he agreed with Putin on a plan to begin colonising Mars by 2011.

While all this was going on, tragedy struck. On September 11 2001, the day the space treaty was to be ratified, a group of Neo-Nazis hijacked seven planes and hit them in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Arlington, Bogota, San Francisco and Seattle. Their leader, Hans Krup, made a statement on CNN saying that "this was revenge - for the millions of Aryans that are being starved by the untermensch. This was revenge - for the pillaging of our fatherland and empire". Hans Krup immediately shot up to the most wanted terrorist in the world...

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