January 20, 1969 Richard Nixon is sworn in as the 36th President of the United States. A formal tea is held before the Inauguration by President and Mrs. Kennedy for the President-elect and Pat Nixon and their children. Julie Nixon Eisenhower (with husband David) and Tricia Nixon play with the Kennedy children. Nixon and Kennedy hold a private meeting and later biographers say that the two former rivals engage in a friendly, magnanimous discussion. Some elements of national security are given to Nixon by JFK.

January 21, 1969 John F. Kennedy and his family return to Hyannisport to the Kennedy Compound for several weeks. Plans (in development since late 1967) are for a new mansion to be built on an adjoining beach-front lot for the President, Jackie, and the three children.

February 1, 1969 Due to chaos effects, the massive Union Oil off-shore oil spill occurs days later than OTL. Some 100,000 barrels of oil are spilled; it closes the Santa Barbara harbor a week later. The spill increases awareness of the "ecology movement" and the formation of the first "Earth Day".

February 19, 1969 Two weeks earlier than OTL, Chinese troops ambush and kill 37 Soviet soldiers on Zhenbao Island on the Ussuri River border between the PRC and USSR.

March 1, 1969 Soviet forces bombard Chinese formations on their side of the Ussuri River. Secretary of State William Rogers informs the Soviets that the US would see a Soviet nuclear strike on China as the start of World War-III and would respond. Tensions continue to mount throughout the Spring of 1969.

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