The War on Terrorism November 3 2003:

The War on Terrorism, a term coined by Fox during his statement on September the eleventh, began in November with joint Soviet, American, and Polish bombing raids on Neo Nazi strongholds in the mountains that border Bavaria and Germany. Troops of those nations then proceeded to surround the mountains and began a very slow advance up due to Neo Nazi Partisans who were well defended and well dug in their strongholds. The strongholds were mainly composed of nuclear bunkers and redoubts built in case and the Nazis lost the war. The mountainous area was besieged by Coalition forces for several months, attempting to prevent the escape of Krup, but by the time they arrived in the main redoubt, it was revealed that he had escaped.

Several weeks later, Krup released a tape to the FOX network, which contained a message:

"This goes out to all the American Untermensch who are watching this station. I, Hans Krup, give several simple demands to the world. For far too long have we, the rightful owners of the world, have been subjugated, endslaved, and bankrupted by the sub-humans that we are superior over. Our demands are as follows:

1. That occupying forces leave Germany.

2. That Poland give back East Germany

3. Every penny taken from Germany and Japan is to be returned

4. Germany and Japan be allowed to build up their militaries again.

5. The Saar and Rhineland be returned to Germany

6. Austria and the Sudetenland are to be returned.

7. Northern Japan be returned

8. Kyushu be returned from China.

This will be known as the resur-"

But Bill O'Reilly laughed off Krup's demands saying, "Here is a madman ladies and gentlemen. A madman that belongs in a loony bin and not on FOX", cutting off the tape before it was completed.

In retaliation to being mocked on live TV, Krup (Now hiding in an unknown location) began plans for an even larger attack than the one on September 11...

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