The 2nd Invasion of Japan September 11 2006:

The invasion got off to a good start,the troops of the PCU troops quickly overran Skikoku and its meager police and insurgent defences and within a week landed on Honshū.The Soviet had an even easier time ,they landed directly on Honshū and began to advance quickly.In 8 days with almost no real resistance the troops of the PCU and the USSR met in Tokyo but it was not long before the insurgent armies ,hidden during the invasion,began to appear everywhere and very quickly started to cause trouble for the Coalition forces.

The insurgents had found an old vial of SJ-55 (a modified strain of Ebola), and they used it on the Coalition forces in Tokyo. But the Coalition were prepared, and already had a vaccine made for this, blunting SJ-55's lethality.

They had then stormed a major insurgent base in Tokyo, here the commandant, under "intense persuasion" tells them that Krup is hiding in Mount Fuji

Bacl to "No FDR"- Part Eighteen

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