Reconstruction July 30 1976: Exactly 1 decade after the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan, much has changed. The Swastika, Rising Sun and other Axis symbols are declared illegal (except the fasces) in a unanimous resolution at the United Nations (unlike OTL, this is more a forum and has no military force of its own). People across the world now know of the atrocities the Axis inflicted across the world, and about how America, Beaten, enslaved and broken, rose up and helped defeat the Axis. Germany and Japan are partitioned into smaller states, with Germany losing east Germany to Poland, the Rhineland to France, the Saar became a French territory, and Bavaria is made an independent state. Japan lost northern Japan to the Soviets, and Okinawa and Kyushu to China. Both had to pay giant reparations to the various powers which brought most post occupation nations prosperity, although Germany and Japan soon turned into third world nations.

The World map has been redrawn, with the United States covering North and South America, as well as the Philippines and various Pacific islands, with president Kennedy running for a third term. The New Soviet Union now covers much of Eastern Europe and Northern Japan. Britain, Ireland, France, Italy and Switzerland established the European Trade Bloc to help Western Europe Rebuild. By today, the ETB would cover all of Western Europe, with Poland (now a major economic hub for Europe, with a significant stock exchange in New Warsaw) waiting to see whether or not it is to become a member. The Middle East (From Turkey to Iran) is now one state, Arabia. China, India, Korea and Pakistan all agreed to form the Pacific Commerce Union, which would cover much of South East Asia. Poland kept its October 1939 borders with the USSR and also gained east Germany. The continent of Australasia became the nation of Oceania, who would be close friends to the US and PCU. It now seems that mankind's future is much brighter than ever before...

Timeline for "No FDR"-Part Fifteen

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