Millennium: As the end of a century, and a millennium beckons, there is universal consensus that the past century has been the bloodiest so far. Between July 30 1976 and December 31 1999, The US got a man to the Moon, with the famous words "one small step for a human, one great leap for humanity" (Unlike OTL, the "a" is not blurred by static), as well as men on mars and Jupiter's moons, and the population mark hit 5 billion, taking into consideration WW3. President Kennedy didn't run for a fourth term, and he was succeeded by Ronald Reagan, who would resign due to Alzheimer's in 1993. Reagan would help the American economy survive the 1984 recession when the New Warsaw Stock Market's share prices plummeted, mainly in the housing sector. Meanwhile, Poland was admitted into the ETB. The Soviet Union had its first Russian Orthodox premier in 1989, Vladimir Putin, who would begin a series of liberalization reforms to make the USSR a viable competitor in today's world. Germany and Japan remained 3rd world countries with all their money taken in reparations and no countries wanting to help, and at the beginning of the new millennium they were still occupied by allied troops and there is still little or no sympathy and news broadcasts, especially FOX, sometimes even take glee in their desperate situation. Some people warned that Germany and Japan will be a problem in the future once more unless their grievances are redressed. But this lead to the allies imposing harsher and harsher restrictions on the defeated and broken axis.

The PCU has already become another Economic hub with members' GDP as high as that of America and Europe, and Arabia's near-monopoly on oil has made it into an economic powerhouse. But Arabia is losing ground because of Nuclear power stations being implemented across the entire planet. Africa, helped by Axis reparations and foreign aid, increased its standard of living highly and even the most backward African nations are only considered 2nd world.

By 1994, Colonisation of the Moon began, with modified algae being in great use.

In 1995, John McCain(who was Reagan's vice president) became the first US president to enter space when he visited the ISS to demonstrate Humanity's growing development in the universe, but he was still considered a caretaker president. He would later lose to Al Gore in 1996. Al Gore would later say in congress on New Year's Eve that he hopes "that the next millennium will be a clean slate for us all, and that the evils of fascism would die with the old one." There is no "War on Drugs" like OTL because Colombia (now a US state) has a much better quality of life, and thus Marxism is less popular in the Latin American region.

Unfortunately, Noam Chomsky was appearing to be right about Germany and Japan...

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