August 1956- German forces find themselves under intense pressure from Japan. But problems at home for both sides are beginning to show. As the Axis forces are in Asia, resistance movements begin to rise up. Because Germany and Japan are spread too thin to do anything about the rebellions, no military action can be taken. The Germans learn about Unit 731 and its viruses, so they seek out the facilities and use nuclear weapons to obliterate them. Even as German forces are winning in East Asia, The US resistance is the first to break the Axis yoke in 1954 as the majority of German and Japanese troops were recalled to Asia, overthrowing the Fascist regime in the process, and it convinces the rest of the Americas to come under its banner. Germany and Japan are left with little choice but to recognize this nation as they are spread far too thin to act. Meanwhile in Asia, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are exchanged at an alarming rate. By the end of this war, 100 million people are dead, from radiation, illness and the blasts themselves.

Battered and bleeding and with at least 60% of their militaries destroyed, both Germany and Japan sue for peace at December 1956, with both parties agreeing to renounce nuclear, chemical and biological weapons due to the destruction brought (it is said that after he saw a village wiped out by SJ-53, Heydrich himself was moved to tears). But Germany and Japan still cannot do anything about the new super-state, in the Americas; lest they break from the overstretch and resistance movements capitalize on that. Especially as the USA have finally detonated their first atomic bomb, and are marshaling their forces, knowing that the resistance movements will side with them while Germany and Japan recover from the nuclear devastation. To make it worse for the Reich, when Heydrich was visiting a nuclear blast site, his radiation suit ripped and he died several days later in agony with no clear successor. With much of their forces devastated from the Reich-Japan war, their economies shattered, and their pool of able-bodied men totally depleted, this is the beginning of the end for the Axis...

Timeline for "No FDR"-Part Twelve

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