The V Day bombing

In 2006, as in every year, victory day over Germany was celebrated en masse by every country (except Germany and Japan, of course). It was a day of great happiness where an ageing Castro, Fox, Putin and other world leaders gathered in Washington to celebrate the world's victory. Putin, after signing a treaty of world friendship and cultural exchange announced that finally the Soviet Union would legalize political parties and elections would be held in 2008 and there was a roar of applause from the crowd. After other speeches the leaders of the world departed from Washington to visit the sites of the September 11th bombings a tradition since 2001 they were earlier in leaving than expected. One hour after the victory celebrations had ended an ageing A9 rocket was assembled in a forest in Germany and fired on Washington. It scored a direct hit on the city center unleashing its payload of a 500 T dirty bomb, killing thousands. At the same time squads of Krup's Neo-Nazis raided the Reichstag and before occupation troops could arrive they had spray painted a giant 50 ft swastika on the front of the building. None of the Neo-Nazis escaped (most were captured and some were gunned down trying to flee). By the end of victory day it was clear that Krup was no mere insane Fascist he was resourceful and powerful. The day ended with the world gripped in fear, and reminded them of victory's price.

President Fox made an emergency statement from Rio De Janeiro, saying that "these terrorists are the relics of a dying era. I tell you, all peoples of Earth, that these men have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. We shall hunt them to the ends of the earth if need be, and we shall make them answer for their crimes".

Intel from the CIA revealed that Krup has allies in Japan. There it was learned that they had a secret army of insurgents, as another contingency for the fall of Japan. The Soviets and the PCU began an invasion of Japan, but they had met with much higher resistance than before...

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