Timeline, Part 2: Prince of Prussia

Part 1


3 January: Il Duce becomes Dictator of Italy.

5 February: Hermann Goring moves to Austria and joins the Nazi Party.

August 8: New York City becomes the biggest city in the world. London becomes second.

September: Nazi Austria annexes Hungary as a puppet state. The Hungarians comply willingly.

3 December: Hitler's Austria joins Italy and Japan's Alliance, creating the Triple Axis.


11 February: Austria invades Poland.

17 February: The Munich Pact is signed. Neville Chamberlain/Britain, Edward Daladier/France, and Wilhelm IV/Germany agree to give Adolf Hitler/Austria the Sudetenland.

28 February: Austria takes the Sudetenland.

3-7 March: Austria invades Yugoslavia.

7-19 May: Austria invades Poland.

18 August: Austria invades Germany and creates the Greater German Reich. World War II starts. Britain and France declare war on the Reich. Italy joins the Reich in fighting its enemies.

9 August: The Russo/Monglo/Sino-Manchu/Korean/Japanese War starts.

21 August: Calvin Coolidge joins the Allies.


February: Economists warn of a Depression coming.

March: Most people disagree, saying wartime leads to economic boost and bull markets.

May: The Black Jack Deal is struck in Las Vegas. "Black Jack" bets Owen Jones 1 million dollars that the economy will crash. The deal makes huge headlines.

October: Black Tuesday: The Great Depression strikes all the nations. World War II comes to a halt. Owen Jones owes Black Jack 1 million dollars.

December: The Nazi Inner Circle secretly decides not to attack its enemies, the Entente, until it recovers.


January: Black Jack gets his 1.3 million dollars. Owen Jones goes bankrupt.

May: Charles G. Dawes is the first Vice President to be assassinated.

July: President Coolidge has a 67% disapproval rating.

September: Wilhelm IV flees to Denmark.

November: Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected President with running mate Al Smith. Both are from New York.

December: People expect another bad year.


January: The Turkish, taking advantage of the situation around them, re-establish the Ottoman Empire. Ahmed IV becomes the Sultan.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated the same month. He keeps the US in the Entente Alliance. He also st arts his New Deal, his plan for American recovery.

February: The Asia War continues. Soviets, Chinese, and Mongolians face off against Japanese and Manchus. This is the only active part of World War II.

March: A Jewish scientist named Albert Einstein informs FDR that the Austrian Reich intends to develop the nuclear bomb. The US decides to start its own nuclear program.

May: Germany invades Romania. Italy starts becoming a puppet, moving to Germany's script.

August: France invades North Germany.

November: The Republicans win the Spanish Civil War. Spain joins the Allies.


February: Several New Deal laws are declared unconstitutional.

April: The USSR and China defeat the Japs and Manchus in the Asia War. Manchukuo is returned to China.

May: Japan turns its attention to the Pacific. Japan attacks Hawaii, the Philippines, and Guam. The Pacific War begins.

July: The Allies free Germany. Wilhelm IV returns to Germany.


January: The US, now partially recovered, moves into the War. President Roosevelt tries to mediate peace to no avail. Meanwhile, Austria moves into the USSR. The Soviets and Americans bond together to repel their common enemy, but the Axis Powers move in nonetheless.

March: China, Russia, and America defeat Manchukuo, which is returned to China. Now together, they march on Korea.

July: Many forsee "World War II" coming to an end. Many historians say that it does not constitute as a World War, since only half the world's nations were involved in it. The general public however, says the the Second World War has consumed the World, at the same time as the The Colossal Depression. The Sparked War, as historians called it, eventually went down as World War II.

September: "World War II" ends when the Entente defeat Austria. The Great Asian War continues.

December: The Japanese are defeated in Siberia due to the Cold Weather. The Soviets push them farther south, eventually taking them out of all of mainland Asia. The Treaty of Vladivostok ends the War.


January: Hitler and high ranking Nazi officials disappear off the surface of the Earth. Benito Mussolini is tried and executed for war crimes against the Entente. More German and Italian officials suffer the same fate.

February: The Republic of Poland is overthrown by the Polskiej Socjalistycznej Partii Opieki, better known as the OpSpol Party. OpSpol establishes a Communist government in Poland. The Soviet Union wants to add Poland to its growing list of SSRs.

March: The Europe Organization is formed by Britain, France, the Benelux, and Spain. The EO decides that the USSR cannot take the Socialist Republic of Poland. However, the EO is very weak and does nothing to prevent this. This never happens, though.

April: Poland overtakes the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The EO does not stop this.

June: Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark form the Northern European Treaty Organization, or NETO.

August: Romania develops a Communist government.

November: President Roosevelt is re-elected to a second term.

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