This the timeline for Prince of Prussia.


August 20: Kaiser Wilhelm II is assassinated while delivering a speech to the Germans. Crown Prince Wilhelm becomes Kaiser Wilhelm III.


November 11: US President Woodrow Wilson declares an armistice and ends World War I. Wilhelm III does not have to abdicate. The Hapsburgs are forced to abdicate, the Ottomans continue to rule in Turkey, and the Romanovs are overthrown by Lenin.

December 31: 8 new nations are declared from the old lands of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Prussia, and Romania.


January 1: The new nations are officialy proclaimed.

3 March: Wilhelm III and George V sign the Anglo-Deutsche Pact, a mutual defense pact. They form the Dual Alliance.

7 April: France joins the Dual Allinace, turning it into the Triple Alliance. The Anglo-Franco-Deutsche Alliance becomes the strongest alliance in Europe.

12 June: Notorious German radical is deported to Austria. This man is 30 year old Adolf Hitler.


20 March: Warren G. Harding is elected US President.

7 July: Adolf Hitler begins to prepare assassination of Wilhelm III.

7 November: Hitler's plans prove futile, as the Kaiser dies of heart failure. Crown Prince Wilhelm IV ascends to the position.

9 December: Hitler forms the Nazi Party in Austria. Joseph Göbbels becomes his closest ally.


3 January: Revolution is Ireland is put down. Ireland remains a part of the UK.

20 March: Warren G. Harding is sworn in as US President. Woodrow Wilson moves to Poland and begins to teach things such as democracy, anti-communism, anti-German feelings, and pro-American feelings.

22 - 27 March: Wilhelm IV mediates peace between the RFSFR and Poland. The Russo-Polish War ends.


July 14: Sacco and Vanzetti win their infamous trial and continue to live their lives. They are proven not guilty.

German overhyperinflation slows down.

11 August: 1 USD equal to 157 German marks.

Austrian hyperinflation slows down.

12 August: 1 USD equal to 203 Austrian Marks.

17 October: Reparations are lifted on Austria and Germany by order of Harding.


9 February: George VI becomes King of Great Britain.

August 1: Warren G. Harding dies. Calvin Coolidge takes office as President.

December 27: Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan. He forms an alliance with Italy.

December 31: Lenin dies in the USSR


3 January: Leon Trotsky secures leadership over the Eastern half of the USSR.

4 January: Joseph Stalin becomes Premier over the rest of the USSR.

5 January: Trotsky forms the Socialist Communist Republic of Eastern Russia (SCRER/SCRR) and declares war on Stalin's USSR.

6 January: Stalin responds to Trotsky's declaration and declares war on the SCRER.

7 January: The Soviet Civil War begins.

8 January: Trotsky is shot at Vladivostok.

9 January: George Malenkov becomes Premier of the SCRER.

10 January: Joseph Stalin secretly wires Malenkov, telling him that the war is ridiculous and that it should end. He offers an end to the war.

11 January: Malenkov refuses. The Soviet continue to destroy the SCRERs. Some people wonder whether the SCRER is trying or not.

12 January: The SCRER is reduced to fraction of its original territory.

13 January: The SCRER is completely taken over.

14 January: The One Week Soviet Civil War is over.

15 January: Malenkov is jailed and fined.

1 April: The Nazis overthrow the Austrian Government in the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler becomes Chancellor of Austria.

9 December: The March on Rome is successful. Benito Mussolini rises to power.

Timeline Part 2: Prince of Prussia

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