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1945 fatherlands map

World in 1946

A rough timeline for WWII

In 1933, Hitler rises to power within the Weimar Republic and establishes Nazi Germany. Germanic revival after Hitler gains power.

7 July, 1937, Japanese Army attacks the Chinese Army at Marco Polo Bridge, now known as the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. 13 December, 1937, Nanjing falls and the Japanese Army commits mass-murders in Nanjing, the Nanking Massacre. Nationalist China moved her capital to Chungking (Chongqing).

In 1938, Joachim von Ribbentrop was assassinated by British spies. Konstantin von Neurath gains power over the diplomats. 11 March, 1938, is a really nice day for Germany, known as the Anschluss.

1 September, 1939, German declares war on Poland, the British and French declare war on Germany, starting WWII. 25 September, Poland surrenders, the USSR do not join the war. But the Soviet do sign the Molotov–Neurath Pact with Germany.

23 May, 1939, the Pact of Steel signed in Germany and Italy, forming the Axis. After the Winter War, Germany invades Norway and Denmark, in what is known as Operation Weserubung.

10 May, 1940, the TRUE WAR begins between Germany and France. Germany attacks the French from Belgium and the Netherlands. 24 May, the British Army retreats to Britain, following the Battle of Dunkirk. On 14 June, Paris falls, after that the French surrender. Philippe Pétain establishes Vichy France under German control. On 5 August, the UK leaves the Allies and joins the Axis (Attention: Japan is not a member of the Axis!). And also, the Japanese declare war on the Netherlands and France.

22 June, 1941, Germany begins her war with the Soviets. Finland joins the war and stands with Germany. 17 August, 1941, Leningrad falls. 8 Oct, 1941, Moscow falls and the Soviets move their capital to Stalingrad. 23 May, 1942, Stalingrad falls, a great success for the Blitzkrieg. 24 May, 1942, the Soviets signed the Stalin Treaty, which ends this German-Soviet War. After the German-Soviet War, Axis invades the French colony in Africa, UK, Italy and German shares the land on Africa.

And also, Germany declares war on the USA and Japan on 12 Oct, 1941, after Nationalist China joins the Axis. Germany helps the Nationalist Chinese to attack the Communists. Mao Zedong dies in bombing. The Chinese Communist Party was divided into the Worker Party of China and the Left-wing Party of China. After that, the Germans help Nationalist China to fight against the Japanese. Also, Japan declares war on the USA in 1941, on Dec, 17, known as the Pearl Harbor attacks. In 1945, most of China was liberated. The Japanese surrender to the USA after the nukes fall on Japan.

1946, on Jan 5, Axis bombing at New York. The Americans know that the Axis can bomb her mainland, so they sign the Washington Treaty, ending World War II.

Before the war


Begining the war



China join Axis. German delares war to Japan. UK leaves Allies and join Axis.


Soviet Union Surrender.

After the war

Cold war

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