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Timeline 1934-1943 (Twilight of a New Era)

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For more details see Twilight of a New Era (1914-1964).



  • Battle of Beijing (1935) the NRA and PLA decisively defeat the Beiyang clique army (Chinese Army) and take the capital.
  • Unification of China.
  • Newfoundland incorporated to Canada
  • 31 May - Earthquake in Balochistan (Federation of India) kills 60.000 people.
  • New Constitution that establishes the IV French Republic.


  • 24 August, Benelux Treaties come into effect.
  • X Olympic Games in Berlin (Germany)
  • IV Olympic Games in Sapporo (Japan)
  • Loi organique sur l'Union française that formally creates the French Union




  • Ongoing events
    • Second Sino-Japanese War
  • 24 January, - Chillan earthquake (Chile), kills 30.000 people.
  • 27 December - Earthquake in Erincan (Turkey), kills 35.000 people.



  • Ongoing events
    • Second Sino-Japanese War
  • 5. Workers' Olympiad - Summer Games in Manchester (England), Winter Games in Minsk (Belarus) and Water Games in Odessa (Ukraine).
  • January Farmer-Labor Alfred Landon is inaugurated as the 32nd President of the United States.
  • Otto I is crowned Emperor-King of Austria-Hungary.



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