Timeline 1900-1920



4th of April:  An assassination attempt against The Prince of Wales is unsuccessful during a visit to Belgium to celebrate the Belgian King's birthday.

July 2nd: The first zeppelin flight is carried out over Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen, German Empire

29th of July:  King Umberto I of Italy is assassinated by a Italian anarchist Gaetano Bresci, his son, Victor Emmanuel III succeeds him.

17th of October - Bernhard von Bülow became the fourth Chancellor of the German Empire, appointed by Kaiser Wilhelm I. The former Foreign Secretary succeeded Prince Chlodwig Hohenlohe, who resigned at age 81.


5th of February: British forces under the command of Redvers Henry Buller engage the Boer forces under the command of Louis Botha and are defeated during the Battle of Valkrantz.

14th of February: Second Boer War, in South Africa, 20,000 British troops invade the Orange Free State.

28th of May: The Orange Free State is annexed by the Cape Colony.


January-May: Chinese Boxer Rebels storm through the Chinese countryside, burning churches and killing missionaries.

30th of May: The British Prime Minister requests defence forces for foreign delegates, the Chinese government allows 400 foreign troops to be stationed in the capital.

5th of June: The Boxers cut a railroad aat Taijin, stopping supplies from reaching Beijing.

14th of June: German embassy guards fire upon Chinese Boxer Rebels with 20 deaths recorded.

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