Beginning of a World War (1880-1885)

Britain and France have been sending relief to America to help rebuild after their embarrassing defeat to the CSA. The CSA, with two new allies was prosperous. They invited Mexico and Utah in. Mexico was an accept, Utah, not so much. Europe was heating up to. A border dispute with Austria and Italy was starting up. Inn Asia, there was a rebellion in Qing, although Japan was about to begin their path to prosperity. South America was recovering off the War of the Triple alliance. Africa, the race to colonization had just begun. The world was  in a state of near limbo. Then came the CSA elections, 1882. The winner was President Ron Howard. On his acceptance speech would be the spark of the war. A US nationalist with a revolver shot him in the heart twice before being pushed to the ground. President Ron would die. His VP, George Lee, son of Robert Lee, declared war on the US. Germany and the signers  of the Triple Alliance were quick to declare full support. Britain and France sent weapons over to support the USA. Germany then put a blockade on British navy, sinking every ship they can. Britain and France declared war on Germany. Italy saw this as a chance to take back the land they claimed in Austria, and struck. This would prove to be a bad idea, and by 1885, the Austrians were nearing Rome.

War (1885-1904)

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