The time span between 1840 and 1880 marked the beginning of a time of great prosperity in the United States, peace in India, chaos in Europe and the rest of Asia, revolution in South America, and colonization in Africa and Australia.

United States (1840 - 1850)

In 1840, President John C. Calhoun was pulling the United States out of the Global Panic of 1835. By the end of his two terms, the United States was free of the bonds the Panic held on it, and a bright new window was open for expansion and victory. Around this time the Manifest Destiny came to control the minds of several Americans, regular citizens in politicians. The land west of Louisiana was up for grabs when the Mexican Civil War (1840 - 1857) opened. The Pacific Republic, the Federation of California, Charlotte, and New Mexique all declared their independence from Mexique. Charlotte and California were the only ones at first to fight Mexique, but both were overpowered. Mexique took the PR back quickly too. Whig President Clay of the United States seized the opportunity and declared war on Mexique. Freeing Charlottia, the Americans proceeded south and west. California was recaptured by Mexique and re annexed, isolating the Pacific Republic. The United States swiftly invaded the  puppet state, and the Congresses of both nations passed a bill annexing the Republic in the United States. By 1843, after two years of fighting, the Americans captured Fierte, the Mexiquean capital city. Marshal Joseph Henri surrendered to the invading General Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln settled a new border with Mexique. The Pacific Republic retained independence from the US, Russian Alyeska, and Mexique until it joined the US in December 1843.

The next towards expanding America and its influence and power was in Asia. After the Russians conquered Northern China and established a sphere of influence there, India constructed one in the south, the Japanese in the East, the Persians in the southwest, and the Vietnamese in the south. The First China War  opened in China around the same time in between the Japanese and Vietnamese areas. In 1845, President Clay made a shocking move and started sending American troops to fight in China. China remained too weak to fight the war, so Japan, America, and India fought the war. They won by 1848. America established a sphere of influence in the majority of the former rebellious land.

Europe (1840 - 1860)

English Anarchy, 1842 AWOD
English Anarchy, 1857 AWOD

In Europe, the 1840s saw the start of the best part of Marcelic Era, the era that took place during and after the reign of Marcel the Grand of France.

Marcel I sent fleets to Africa to colonize the area, as well as Polynesian islands in the Pacific. However, in 1842, the Anarchy started in England. The English Republic was overthrown and the fifteen year Anarchy period opened in England. Initially, only the Socialists, in the north, supported by Prussia, fought the Republicans, supported by France. However, soon the former royals recognized this as their only chance to retake England. Prussia and Austria withdrew support for the Socialists and redirected everything to the monarchy. Marcel made a decision that seemed best at the time, but would cost France in the future. He cut military aid to the Republicans. The Socialists quickly fell to the Monarchists, and the Monarchist war machine easily steamrolled the Republic. Victoria, the rightful heiress to the throne, was crowned Queen of England in 1857.

South American War (1859 - 1867)

The South American War was the largest war in South American War until the South American theatre of World War V  opened. It originated from the border dispute between Argentina and Peru and led to Colombia falling in on Peru's side, and Brazil on that of Argentina's. Patagonia remained neutral, but sold to both sides. The war ended in a stalemate, but Argentina won the territory.

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