Article in Development (And no, I am NOT a Syrian nationalist. Just making a farfetched Althist.

Middle East 1278-1300


.Khalid rebelled against the Mamluks and created the Kharius Empire. (It's really a republic.) .Venice allies with Kharius .Kharius had Venice and Byzantium to sign a contract for peace, but they outright disgusted it .Rebellions were made in Kharius because everyone thought something has gone to his head


.The remaining Mamluks tried to assassinated Khalid, but he killed them one attempt by another in self defense with a crossbow made in Venice. .Kharius defeats the Seljuks in the two-month war over Adana and the Armenians .Khalid takes over North Africa through the decade and earns immense respect. .Khalid started up a Chinese Revolt in the Mongol state in China .In return he gained the recipes for his newest weapon. The Bombard. .He also used Chinese crossbow machinery to make a crossbow that has ammo-socket to shoot more then one time and reload easier .Byzantium and Venice arguing over where Kharius fits on diplomacy. .The Pope almost excommunicated Venice. .Seljuks conquered by the Khanate of Persia when the only other enemy was confused about who's side it is on. .Khanate of Persia converts to Islam.


.Kharius, Venice and Byzantium finally made an alliance. Byzantium is now a republic and Venice had to recall all Latin Crusaders. .Khanate of Persia called for all Khanates to form the Mongol Alliance .Seljuks rebelling against the Khanate, but failed. .The Emirate of Granada joined Kharius for protection .Muslim assassins causing problems in the middle east

Europe 1278-1300


.Venice helps Kharius to survive for secretly to open up the trade routes between China and Venice. .A random peasant revolt in Genoa. .Europe otherwise goes as normal.


.Pope attempts to excommunicate Venice for helping Kharius to remove the crusaders, but Venice amends by canceling all ties to Kharius .Byzantium and Venice were asked to make peace, but both refused strongly. .Otherwise the same


.Novgorod became an ally of Kharius .Byzantium and Venice finally made alliance with Kharius .Pope excommunicates Venice .Byzantium a republic .Byzantium gains all of Greece back .The Golden Horde joins the Mongol Alliance

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