• Quebec is granted independence during the North American War.




  • American President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt is assassinated. His deputy, John Nance Garner, is sworn in as president. Cordell Hull becomes vice president.
  • The German Nazi Party wins majority in the German Parliament, with German Social Democrats remaining with little seats. Kaiser Frederick I hires Adolf Hitler to replace Paul Von Hindenburg as German Chancellor.
  • In April, Chancellor Hitler, within months of office, asks for a plebiscite to have him replace Kaiser Frederick I as the head of state of Germany, becoming Führer of the Great German Reich. The motion passes in parliament, and with the citizens of Germany. Kaiser Frederick I refuses to sign the plebiscite into a law. Adolf Hitler, and a private army, attack the German Imperial Palace, forcing Frederick I to sign it.


  • Adolf Hitler is inaugurated as sirst Führer of the Great German Reich, replacing Kaiser Frederick I.


  • Adolf Hitler makes sure the German Military is as good as any other. He releases the Four-Year Plan, to reduce unemployment.


  • The Spanish Revolution begins.
  • Führer Hitler and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini meet in Rome, Italy, forming the Central Axis Entente. The headquarters would be located in Berlin, Germany, and Italy invited "any nationalist or fascist to join."


  • Japan joins the Central Axis Entente.
  • Germany begins segregating Jews into ghettos. The German Seats pass a resolution saying that this is legal, as long as it is fair treatment.
  • President Garner is re-elected in the United States.


  • Führer Hitler meets with Austro-Hungarian Emperor Otto I. With threats, he convinces the emperor to unite with Germany. Emperor Otto holds a plebiscite, which passes with barely over 50% popular vote, and exactly 2/3 legislative vote.
  • Japan conquers Manchuria, setting up the Great Empire of Manchukuo, a puppet state.
  • Italy invades, and conquers, Ethiopia. Before surrendering, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I spoke to the League of Nations, making the famous quote "It is us today, it will be you tomorrow."
  • The Ottoman Empire joins the Central Axis Entente.


  • Italy invades Albania, conquering it.
  • Joseph Avenol, a French fascist, was elected to replace Sean Lester as League President, after the election goes to the International Conference. President Lester says "This is a dark time for the League, and for the world. I just hope it will not end with war or doomsday."
  • A Jew by the name of Moshe escapes a ghetto and flees to Switzerland. He tells the League about the cruelty of Germans toward Jews. Before he could testify in a court system, he is murdered.
  • Germany invades and conquers Poland and Belgium. Prime Minister Chamberlain agrees to speak with Führer Hitler.
  • Führer Hitler and Prime Minister Chamberlain meet in Munich, Germany. Führer Hitler agrees not to attack any British territory if United Kingdom does not attack Germany. The 1939 Munich Pact is signed. Two-days later, Germany conquers Netherlands. The French Government realizes their nation is next, and French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier tries to sign a pact similar to the one in Munich. It fails.
  • Germany sends an air raid to France. France surrenders to Germany.
  • The Spanish Revolution ends. Francisco Franco becomes the 1st Leader of the Spanish State.



  • Joseph Avenol is inaugurated as League President.
  • As of 1940, Germany controls Austria-Hungary, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland.
  • The German Seats, after investigations are held, discover Hitler is assassinating Jews in his ghettos. The German High Commissioner orders Hitler to be suspended from office until the Court of Justice holds a trial. Heinrich Himmler becomes interim Führer.
  • Considered the Trial of the Decade, the tribunal for Adolf Hitler ends with Hitler being removed from the Führer's office. Heinrich Himmler is sworn in as second Führer of the Great German Reich, choosing Karl Dönitz as his deputy Führer.


  • Germany invades, and conquers Denmark. Norway, Sweden, and Iceland unite to form the Scandinavian Union. Its capitol is Reykjavik.
  • After the annexation of Denmark, Germany sets its sight on Soviet Union.
  • Realizing what he done, Prime Minister Chamberlain resigns from office. He later commits suicide. He is replaced by Winston Churchill, who says they will not surrender.
  • Thomas Dewey replaces John Nance Garner as American President. Henry Wallace succeeds Cordell Hull as vice president.


  • Prime Minister Churchill breaks the 1939 Munich Pact, and begins sending bombs to Germany. Germany responds with an air raid to London. Churchill is killed during the bombing. King George IV surrenders to Germany.


  • Operation Sea Lion is issued. Germany sends troops to Kiev, Soviet Union, taking the Soviet state of Ukraine. They then invade Leningrad, taking all Soviet territories between the German border and the city. They then take Moscow, burning it to the ground. President Trotsky flees to Sochi, Soviet Union. He surrenders all European territories.
  • Confederate States join the Central Axis Entente. They meet in the Axis Headquarters to discuss the "division of the world."
  • It is decided that Germany will get Europe, Italy will get southeastern Europe and Africa (excluding the Maghreb), Ottoman Empire will get the Middle East and Maghreb, Japan will get Asia and the Pacific, and Confederate States will get the western hemisphere.
  • Ottoman Empire invades, and conquers, Arabia. The Confederates conquer Mexico, and by 1945, they own Central America and West Indies.
  • Japan invades numerous Pacific nations. All small Pacific territories and nations are conquered. Australia and New Zealand still survive, however, as United Kingdom is under German rule, the governor-general of both nations are chosen by the Führer.


  • Japan invades eastern Siberia, as Germany invades the east. Within months, the Soviet Union is conquered.


  • Japan invades Australia and New Zealand. Both nations are conquered, as the governors-general of the nation surrender.
  • Germany invades and conquers the Scandinavian territories of Norway and Sweden, as well as Ireland. Only Iceland, Faroe, and Greenland remain as Scandinavia. Germany proclaims victory in the European War.
  • Italy invades and conquers Liberia, Serbia, and Montenegro.


  • Germany begins the construction of the Victory Arch in Berlin. Kurt Waldheim is nominee for League President, by Germany.
  • America meets with Germany and Japan in Tokyo. The three nations sign the 1946 Tokyo Pact. In it, America promises not to interfere with German or Japanese affairs, and Germany and Japan promise not to invade America.
  • Spain and Portugal join the Central Axis Entente. Portugal invades Brazil, while Spain invades Argentina. It is agreed by the Central Axis Entente that Spain will get South America, Portugal will get Brazil.
  • Italy invades and conquers Greece.


  • The Confederate Ambassador (America) informs Prime Minister Dewey that the Confederate States declares war on United States. Minutes later, Boston, New York, and Washington are attacked by air raids. Prime Minister Dewey and his family is killed in the attack. Deputy Prime Minister Wallace is inaugurated as prime minister.
  • The Germans send advanced missiles to Confederate States. These long range missiles are able to destroy numerous territories. They send it across the border.


  • America creates a nuclear weapon. They decide to "test it" on Miami. It destroys the city.
  • The Confederates are pissed. They ask Germany to interfere. Germany agrees to send Werner Von Braun to Confederate States.
  • Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo dies. He is succeeded by Kuniaki Koiso.



  • Kurt Waldheim becomes the League President.
  • As of 1950, Italy controls all of Africa and southeastern Europe; Germany controls the majority of Europe (only Scandinavian Iceland, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal and the Italian territories are out of Germany's control). The Confederates own all of Central America, Mexico, and West Indies.
  • Prime Minister Kuniaki Koiso of Japan dies. He is succeeded by the Japanese Prince, Naruhiko.


  • Germany builds its first nuclear weapon.
  • Japan takes control of the majority of the Pacific.


  • Germany starts the German Space Programme. In August, Germany attempts to send the space ship Valkyrie into space. It explodes upon liftoff.


  • Germany is now the richest nation on Earth. Japan is tense from this.
  • Germany sends off Wilhelm another space ship, with Viktor Krauss as the astronaut.
  • Former Soviet President Leon Trotsky dies.


  • After the Second Soviet Independence War, Japan grants independence to Soviet Union. It establishes a capitol in Vladivostok, with Nikita Khrushchev as president.


  • Japan tests its first atom bomb. Prime Minister Naruhiko leaves the Central Axis Entente.


  • Japan gives Alaska to Soviet Union. In response, Germany invades Japan.
  • Prime Minister Naruhiko flees to America, and asks for America's help. America and Japan sends nukes to Germany on Hitler's anniversary of birth.


  • League President Kurt Waldheim signs an act allowing Germany to stay as the German Reich, however, they must pay a cost of 100 million German marks, and not rebuild their military. Italian King Umberto II fires Prime Minister Mussolini, and has him executed. He re-establishes a republic.



  • Hong Kong becomes a democratic republic after being given its independence by Great Britain.

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